Sonny Smith Releases New Romantic Women’s Fiction Novel – The Happiness Thief

Sonny Smith Releases New Romantic Women’s Fiction Novel - The Happiness Thief
Sonny Smith Releases New Romantic Women’s Fiction Novel – The Happiness Thief
The Happiness Thief – A Captivating Blend of Romance, Sci-Fi, and Legal Drama

Fans of literary innovation and genre-defying storytelling, get ready for a thrilling new addition to your reading list. The Happiness Thief, a novel by the renowned author Sonny Smith, hit the shelves on August 23, 2023. Published independently, this thought-provoking book explores a future where emotions are not just felt but bought and sold as commodities, leading readers on an electrifying journey through a world where authenticity is the ultimate rebellion.

In The Happiness Thief, readers are transported to a not-so-distant future where emotions have become the latest must-have accessory, available for purchase at a price. Retail therapy takes on a whole new meaning, and genuine feelings are rare finds. Enter Mia Stanton, a sharp-witted lawyer with a passion for authenticity and a strong aversion to the emotional manipulation perpetrated by Big Emotion, the dominant corporation in this emotion-driven world. Armed with her legal expertise and a belief that emotions are intellectual property, Mia embarks on a mission to expose those who steal people’s joy.

However, Mia’s journey takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Alex Turner, the charismatic face of Big Emotion. Beneath his corporate exterior, Alex hides genuine feelings for Mia, setting the stage for a romantic rollercoaster that adds a captivating twist to the story. As Mia navigates courtroom dramas, quantum quandaries, and unexpected romantic flutters, she’s joined by her hilariously honest BFF, Sarah, who can mock manufactured emotions like no other.

The Happiness Thief promises readers a whirlwind cocktail of romance, sci-fi, legal drama, and electrifying intrigue. It’s a story that combines the determination of Erin Brockovich, the playful banter of Harry Met Sally, and the quest for authenticity found in Eat Pray Love. Join Mia and her quirky crew as they dismantle the corporate emotion industry with humor, heart, and a dash of quantum intrigue.

About the Author:

Sonny Smith, the creative mastermind behind Kick Ass Happy, a groundbreaking book that redefined personal development, has crafted a literary career characterized by heartwarming and mind-bending novels. With works like The Happiness Thief, Quantum Hearts, and Eternal Bonds, Sonny fearlessly blends genres, creating literary cocktails that captivate and surprise readers. Her dedication to infusing life with happiness is not only evident in her writing but also in her work as a global human rights advocate and happiness researcher. Sonny’s sharp wit and humor dive into the most tantalizing questions of our times, solidifying her as a trailblazer in both fiction and non-fiction.

Don’t miss out on The Happiness Thief, a book that will challenge your perspective and ignite your imagination. Get your copy today on Amazon and embark on a transformative journey that will leave you craving more.

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