Some Installation Precautions For Smart Door Locks

With the popularity of smart homes, home smart door locks, as one of the representative products, have been widely installed and applied to various households. Although the installation of a smart door lock looks simple, it essentially pays attention to many details. If it is not installed correctly, reinstalling the door lock may not work. The following editor will introduce the installation precautions of smart door locks.

Consider whether the door is suitable for installing smart door locks.

Now there are many types of door materials, such as outdoor metal doors, common indoor wooden doors and office glass doors, but which doors are suitable for installing smart door locks? The door thickness threshold of a general smart lock is 40 ~ 120 mm, and it is difficult to install a door that is too thin or too thick. Smart door locks are developed and designed in accordance with the mainstream thickness of commercially available doors, and can be installed on wooden doors, glass doors, iron doors, copper doors, composite doors, and anti-theft doors, providing diversified services for users with multiple needs

Confirm the door opening direction

The opening direction of the door is divided into left outer opening, left inner opening, right outer opening and right inner opening. According to the opening direction, the handle direction of the smart door needs to be adjusted before installation, and then the smart door with a fixed direction is replaced.

How to judge the direction to open the door

A person stands outside the house facing the door, the door opens with the right hand, and the door opens to the outside, opening to the left. A person stands outside the house facing the door, the door opens with the right hand, and the door opens to the inside, which is left inside. The person stands outside the house facing the door, the door is open with the left hand, and the door is open to the outside, opening to the right. The person stands outside the house facing the door, the door opens with the left-hand door inside, which opens inside the house on the right.

How to determine if there is a hook

In addition to ordinary door locks, door locks with heaven and earth hooks have upper and lower locking bolts on the side or upper and lower ends of the door to lock the upper door frame and lower floor respectively.

How to judge: Touch the top edge of the door to see if there is a keyhole. When the door lock is in the ejected state, whether there is a bolt ejected from the top edge of the door.

Do people need to change the door to change the lock

Some people worry that the opening of the door is different from the installation hole of the smart lock, leading to the need to replace the door. In fact, the smart door lock is compatible with 99% of the national standard lock bodies, and only the lock cylinder needs to be replaced during installation, instead of the lock body.

Can people install it themselves

If people want to install it themselves, they must fully understand and prepare before installing the smart lock. Smart door locks are composed of complex equipment such as machinery, electronics, and chips, which are difficult to install and require personnel with a certain professional level to operate. 

What should people do if they have to close the door?

After installing the smart lock, if it is difficult to close the door, check whether the gap between the door leaf and the door frame reaches a reasonable gap of 1.5-2.5 mm. Do not close the door forcibly, otherwise the service life will be shortened.

The above is about the “Precautions for the installation of smart door locks.” All are introduced. When installing smart door locks, people must pay attention to these things.Want more informations, please follow Shenzhen Jingbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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