Somatofulness Announces Registration for Courses Now Open For Autumn

Founder, teacher, author, paediatrician and MD Jivasu is excited to announce that registrations for a range of live online integrative medicine programs are now open for September 2022. All four courses are centered on the somatofulness approach, a mindfulness and self-reflection term coined by MD Jivasu, appropriate for first timers and more advanced students. In addition to this, brought back by high demand, a free online talk and meditation session is also available for booking for September 4, during which attendees have an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals from the somatofulness community and ask questions.

Commenting on the announcements, a spokesperson has stated, ‘We are extremely proud to see our community continue to grow and attract new members who are interested in learning and growing through the art of dialogue, self-study and action-oriented practices. It is truly inspiring to see the healing potential of the somatofulness approach being recognized as a valuable resource to achieving an enhanced quality of life. And because we believe in this healing potential and the impact it could have on a large number of people, the upcoming courses will be rolled out online and hosted live.”

Individuals interested in learning more about the somatofulness approach can register to one of the following:

  • Body-Wise Child, a 40-hour live online course dedicated to parents, carers, teachers and anyone working with children interested in learning evidence-based approaches to support childhood interaction and growth, as well as gain practical skills and strategies. The course is due to start on September 18, 2022with sessions running through to November.
  • Somatofulness, an advanced 40-hour course held live and online that covers the approach and practices of somatofulness comprehensively, including how to become a facilitator to help and heal others. Course graduates will receive a certificate in association with the Canadian Yoga Alliance. The course is due to start on September 17, 2022with sessions running through to November.
  • Somatoful Music Program, an online live program consisting of seven, one-and-a-half-hour group sessions focused on the therapeutic power of music and how it can be leveraged and incorporated into anyone’s self-care journey. For timings, please visit the official website.

‘We are thrilled to already see a lot of interest in these opportunities to learn, heal, connect and explore the self, and we want to encourage anyone who is interested to join us. We are a welcoming, close-knit community of individuals sharing a common goal: continuous growth and self-improvement through the practice of Somatofulness’, concluded the spokesperson.

About Somatofulness

Brought to life by practice founder, teacher, author, paediatrician and MD Jivasu, the somatofulness approach is rooted in the idea that the key to unlocking potential is entrenched in biology. Using evidence-based methods and mindfulness practices, the approach can be learned by enrolling in one of the courses available on the official website.

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