Solve All Machine Rat Problems with Gizmocat

Gizmocat is an advanced ultrasound rat repellent that can be easily installed inside your machines for protection against downtime due to rats chewing wires, ducts, etc

Mumbai, India – Custom Logics Pvt Ltd have revolutionized how rodent menace for industry is tackled at machine level; their product Gizmocat Rat Repellent is a quick solution to all machine-related rat problems. Machine downtime is the biggest concern for any industry. Rats are capable of shuting down or destroying any equipment. A single chewed wire in a control panel can halt an entire assembly line. The resulting financial losses and production delays can wipe out profits and reputations in a jiffy.

Rats are known to destroy things. They particularly like wires and cables and are a constant thorn to the industrial sector, attacking machine control panels, commercial use machines like ATMs, vending machines. In fact, it was recently reported that rats broke into an ATM of an Indian bank; and shredding about $18000 cash. Authorities claim that the rats entered into the machine via a hole made for cables.

Gizmocat, when used properly, would not only prevent rats from entering machines but repels them away from a distance. All you have to do is install the product inside a machine panel or control unit, or in an enclosed space. Gizmocat can cover ~300sq ft. and comes in 12 to 30V DC and 110~230V AC variants.

The product creates a hostile environment for rats by bombarding a spectrum of ultrasound frequency. The technology is under license from Maser Electronics Pvt Ltd. Gizmocat does not, interfere with other ultrasound-based sensing devices. Gizmocat needs to be always powered ‘On’ for 24/7 protection.

Gizmocat can be installed inside CNC, Assembly-line and Standalone machines, panels of Hospital, Clinical, Laboratory instruments, Airport vehicles, equipment with aircraft access, server-rooms, electrical panels, etc.

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