Solid Secure Container Storage Prevents Damages and Costly Loss of Goods and Merchandise

There usually comes a time when goods, products, or merchandise must be stored safely and securely and then moved to one or more locations frequently.  This can occur simply because a commercial or residential client has limited space for the amounts of items that must be stored or moved. The use of safe storage is immensely important during any type of intermodal transportation as although well-planned, unforeseen circumstances can occur.  This can also happen to residential property owners when moving from one location to another.  Storage that is safe and secure is also important to these clients as is safe to transport.  Ontario Container Transport (OCT) of Woodbridge, ON, can not only provide safe transport with all types of freight and private property but can offer safe and secure storage however long it is needed.  The needs of all clients are considered and evaluated before any transport or storage begins.

Whether products, residential goods, or specialty items the safest storage and relocation is needed.

OCT offers a vast majority of storage sizes, and types, and even temperature-controlled units, for products that can spoil without the proper refrigeration being used.  Sometimes called “reefer” units these temperature-controlled units use gases of a certain mixture to inhibit spoilage and keep the temperature at a constant setting for as long as necessary.  There is no “one size fits all approach” to this type of storage and only a company with enough knowledge and experience should be chosen for spoilable type products.

Products that are lost to spoilage or damage cost money for the client and repeated losses build up rapidly into tons of lost revenue.  Restaurants and other food servers can make up a large part of the clientele that seeks this type of specialty storage unit with constant transport of the units.

Offices that are seeing renovations many times store their equipment in units with companies like OCT.  Although these clients do not need refrigerated units, they also want security and safety during storage and transport.

Even when storage has been used the ability to transport a storage unit safely is paramount.

Circumstances can change quickly and drastically for clients and they always seek a quick and competent storage unit freight service.  The ability to move units rapidly and at times many times throughout the process does count.  Intermodal services also make a huge difference in the choice of freight and storage providers as clients do need the flexibility to use intermodal services also. OCT with its large offering of services both to large and small clientele and its huge array of storage units is much in demand because of these features.

Suffering losses from damaged goods and products are something all clients both residential and corporate seek to avoid.

OCT has a warranty that ensures success and competence throughout the process.  Storage and freight transport issues are a thing of the past when the proper company with a high set of standards and much experience is chosen.

Research is needed before choosing solutions to storage and transport no matter what types of goods or products.

About Ontario Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport has been providing safe storage, safe freight transport, and intermodal transport for many years now.  The website has a list of all services, a free quote form, a phone and an email.  There is also a live chat box for a consultation right on the website.  There is also a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Linked In account, and a YouTube video for information on the company and for messaging any time. 

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