Understanding the gravity of the situation that people go through when they fall victim to  injury or harm by poor medical or hospital treatment anywhere in Australia, Solicitor Advice have developed a convenient service that will provide people OBLIGATION-FREE LEGAL ADVICE online. Through this online method, people in Australia will be able to contact a medical negligence lawyer who can provide legal advice about their right to compensation for medical mistakes.

Solicitor Advice spokesperson said: “Where a patient has suffered an injury or disability because of someone else’s negligence, the lifelong effects can be devastating. Financial compensation may be sought for loss of income and to pay for any subsequent medical care, rehabilitation and psychological treatment that may be needed. Our expert medical negligence solicitors handle such cases on a daily basis under No Win No Fee agreements, and can advise you on what to do when you have been injured by medical treatment.”

According to the definition outlined on SolicitorAdvice, Medical negligence is the physical or psychological harm caused by a medical professional failing to take reasonable care in the provision of health services. It is an unfortunate fact that Australia has one of the highest rates of medical negligence cases  in the world recorded on a yearly basis. All patients expect a certain level of duty of care that is a “fair, reasonable and competent degree of skill” as per Bolam v Friern Hospital Management Committee [1957].

When a doctor’s standard of care is sub par, it is understandable that a patient would feel distressed, would want answers, and/or an apology. Enlisting the help of a professional and experienced medical negligence solicitor can help people in such a situation get the compensation they rightfully deserve. Assessing a client’s unique situation and answering their questions allows clients get a better grasp of where they stand and how to proceed.

“Medical negligence claims are not the easiest to pursue. They are often vigorously defended by doctors and their insurance companies. Finding a competent and experienced plaintiff solicitor can be very difficult. Some solicitors advertise themselves as experts in medical negligence law when they, in fact, have little or no experience in the area or they do have experience, but they have only ever represented defendants (i.e doctors and hospitals) and not plaintiffs (patients),” the Solicitor Advice spokesperson further explained.

To make it easy for people to get in contact with a medical negligence lawyer, Solicitor Advice offers two methods:

• Legal Helpline on phone (at no cost to the caller).

• Online Contact Form Request.

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