Solar Battery Charger Market: Solar Powered Battery Charger is Portable and Requires Low Maintenance

“World Solar Battery Charger Market by Product Type, Market, Players and Regions-Forecast to 2021”
The solar battery charger reduces dependency on the conventional sources of electricity and fulfils the needs of a household.

According to MarketIntelReportsWorld Solar Battery Charger Market by Product Type, Market, Players and Regions-Forecast to 2021”:

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Scope & Regional Forecast of the Solar Battery Charger Market

The Solar Battery Charger is a portable system that uses sunlight as a source to provide electricity to devices or charge batteries. The solar charger can charge batteries such as lead acid, Ni-Cd (nickel cadmium) with a capacity upto 4,000 mAh, 48 v. It uses intelligent charge controllers for enhancing its efficiency. The solar powered battery charger is portable. It can save energy and requires low maintenance.

The Solar Battery Charger Market will have a positive growth till the end of 2020. The growing population and rapid industrialisation have increased the demand for power worldwide which has resulted in a major demand supply gap. During the last decade there was sharp rise in the use of gadgets and other portable electronic devices. The solar powered battery charger meets the needs of a household and minimizes the dependency on conventional sources of electricity. It can also be used during a power outage and or emergency. The use of the portable solar battery charger in the telecommunication and automobile industries will fuel the growth of the Solar Battery Charger Market.

The recent advances in the development of solar power charger is expected to boost the growth of the Solar Battery Charger Market. The manufacturers are keen to improve the quality of the charge controllers, value added features, and designs of the solar powered battery charger. The developments not only reduce the operating costs but also help the chargers to give a better quality and cleaner battery power.

The US is said to have the largest share in the Solar Battery Charger Market. Canada, Brazil, and Chile are also the major revenue contributors in the market. With the increasing government support for the solar powered products, the market for solar battery charger in America is expected to have a market share of 53% by 2020.

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The Solar Battery Charger Market can be broken down into various segments as follows:

  • Product- With single solar plate, with LED light, with voltage adjustable.
  • Application- Mobile phones, Digital cameras, MP3/4, and Automotives.

Some of the key players involved in the Solar Battery Charger Market are as follows:

  • Suntrica
  • Voltaic
  • Solio
  • Goal Zero
  • Xtorm

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