Software usage increases during the Covid-19 pandemic says Bittreo.

Vancouver, when the Coronavirus became a reality in Canada. At first, many Canadians did not take it seriously, especially amongst the younger generation. Social media eventually made it into the news with pictures of large group gatherings, parties, and carefree days at the beach.

Now 11 months later these have gatherings have considerably died down. People are staying home and most of them are following the rules. This has led to arise in the usage of different technologies.

Social Media

This would be the more obvious technology that has seen a rise in usage. Friends and family members are unable to see each other in person so they have been flocking towards platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to chat, share updates, and media.

Along with these popular social networking channels, video meeting platforms have experienced exponential growth. Video communication services such as Google Meet’s and Xoom are flooded with new users and not only is the younger generation using these services. There has been a rise in senior citizens using social media.

Online Shopping

More and more people are shopping online. The old brick and mortar retail business have turned upside down. From small shops to world-renowned mega-chains, these businesses are shutting their doors. Many of them have increased their online presence. While shopping superstores like Amazon have seen sales skyrocket during the pandemic.

Food delivery service apps are jam-packed with orders. This is probably one of the shortlist of businesses that are still hiring. 

Other technologies on the rise are self-independence apps, voice-assisted technologies, and exercise applications.


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