Sofia Nedic’s New Book, “Starlight Bender,” is a Fictional Masterpiece That Captures a Powerful Message for Girls and Women

Starlight Bender follows the story of Imani Stone providing women an example of how their vulnerabilities cannot define the outcome of their lives should they choose to be resilient

Acclaimed author Sofia Nedic has come through with her debut novel titled “Starlight Bender.” This fictional masterpiece follows the extraordinary journey of Imani Stone, a character who is portrayed as an inspiration for women everywhere. Through her remarkable resilience amidst her confronting vulnerabilities, Imani Stone teaches readers that they are an unstoppable force if only they dare to believe.

Imani Stone, a character whose depth and courage resonate with readers of all ages, hails from the magical hills surrounding the ancient city of Lumenor. Nedic expertly weaves a tale of star-gazing, potion-making, and tarot-reading, creating an immersive experience that transports readers to a world where magic and reality intertwine.

Set against the backdrop of a city torn apart by civil war, Imani’s life takes an unexpected turn when she realizes she possesses an ancestral power – the ability to bend starlight. This power, both extraordinary and perilous, forces Imani to make a life-altering choice: conceal her gift to avoid becoming a pawn in the queen’s battle or step into the fray and join the queen’s legions to protect her home.

As the impending threat of an army of warriors looms over Lumenor, Imani finds herself standing at the crossroads of destiny. The fate of her family, her city, and the coveted starlight crystal hangs in the balance. Will she summon the strength within herself to become a true legionnaire? Can she rise above the challenges that stand in the way of her destiny, or will her choices lead to the downfall of everything she holds dear?

Nedic’s eloquent storytelling shines a light on the power of resilience and determination, offering a poignant message that transcends the boundaries of fiction. Through Imani’s journey, readers are reminded that vulnerabilities need not dictate one’s fate; instead, it is the choices made in the face of adversity that truly define what one becomes.

Speaking about the book, Sophia Nedic had this to say, “I enjoyed escaping into the magical worlds filled with adventure ever since childhood. Immersing myself in the authors’ imagination and getting to know their characters inspired me to pursue crafting a story of my own. ‘Starlight Bender’ was born out of my love for spirituality, nature, and celestial magic. I hope that the girls and women who read this story relate to Imani’s vulnerability and her resilience against the sticks and stones that life throws at her.”

To build anticipation, Sophia Nedic has hinted at a sequel to the book which would be titled “Midnight Rider” to be released in December 2023.

Starlight Bender is now available in Kindle and Paperback formats. Please visit to get it.

About Sofia Nedic

Sofia Nedic is a Slavic immigrant living in Austin, Texas with her husband and pup. She is a tech and fantasy nerd, and an avid enjoyer of ancient history, spirituality, and alchemy. When she is not working or crafting stories, she is exploring nature, reading books, visualizing her daydreams through AI art, or immersing herself in tarot and astrology.

Sofia visualizes the scenes and characters from her stories with AI art on her Instagram @starlight_bender.

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