Social Mobile App Development Synergy Cities of China, 2017 Testin AppBase Best 50 Report

China’s largest social platform Tencent in Shenzhen, but Beijing still occupy the social application development Synergy of China, Testin AppBase Best 50 Report 2017 shows Shenzhen is runner-up.

In the past yeay, social mobile apps gradually have become the requisite for smartphones. with the popularity of more than 730 million smartphones and nowadays, others judge which agea you are from WeChat, Weibo, QQ and Baidu and others social applications. We have to say, The it is an era of mobile internet must be socialized.

The prosperity of Internet social, on the one hand, has changed people’s social life, on the other hand, has promoted the flourishing of traffic economy. Under the guidance of traffic economy, almost all industries including travel social,video social and social shopping want to advance their trading through social traffic. For example, some business competitions such as JingDong(京东) teamed up with Tencent(腾讯) to compete with e-commerce leader Alibaba(阿里巴巴), WeChat and Weibo to close each other’s links, we can learn that it is not hard to see that the era guided by mobile Internet is an era of social users means the world.

After observing the huge social demand of cities resident who always has great pressure of working and living, and has no energy to make friends with others and keep touch with old friends, in that case, the social mobile Apps’ developers tried to solve these problems in this new era. With great convenient Apps such Wechat(微信) and QQ, no matter how far you live with your parents and friends, and no matter how busy you always are, these Apps close each other’ s distance and enrich the daily life . Testin summarized data of 2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China in Socialthrough continuous follow-up tests, data screenings and investigations in 2017. The data is shown in the following figure:

2017 Mobile App Synergy Cities of China
- Social

We can learn that benefiting from its a great deal of young generation and new-born things, Beijing and Shenzhen are the best Social Mobile App Synergy cities in China. The other three in the top five cities are: Hangzhou, a strong economic province along the southeast coast of China; Shanghai, one of the two most developed cities in China and Guangzhou, one of the most prosperous city in the south of China. Besides, Haikou and Chengdu are also on the list.

As the largest gathering place of younger generation in China, Beijing, Shenzhen and Hangzhou are the top three choices of enterprises to launched their Social Mobile Apps. Weibo(微博), the best Social Mobile App launched in Beijing, is similar with Twitter, which is based on a user’s relation, communication and information sharing platform access and allows users to exchange small elements of content such as short sentences, individual images, or video links. And Wechat(微信)we mentioned above. is the most popular social Apps in China that every Chinese connects others via Wechat everyday. The best social mobile App launched in Shanghai is Century Fine Destiny(世纪佳缘), a serious dating sites which offers the dating services to single people in mainland China, Hongkong and other countries and regions through the internet platform and offline activities.

TestinData AppBase possesses the world’s largest integrated benchmark database in terms of App market, operations, products and research & development. And all Testin’s customers, partners, invited industry experts and investors can obtain anonymously the TestinData AppBase Synergy Report for a specific object generated by the AppBase database. AppBase is the comprehensive index of strength of Mobile App. The following figure is the 2017 annual bulletin of AppBase in Social by TestinData. Testin collected data from aspects of Marketing & Operation, Product & Development and Product Strengtheners and divided them into Market Drivers, Synergy and Entrants.

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