Social Connection In COVID-19 Lockdown: Makes It Easy For Kids All Across The Globe Stay Connected With Their Peers

April 6th, 2020 COVID-19 has caused a major disruption the way people interact, but that doesn’t mean that “social distancing” equals the end of socialization – particularly for those that inarguably need it most: kids.; a social community and safe kids website where kids are free to “express their free-spirited self,” recently highlighted the importance of kids staying connected with each other during COVID-19 lockdown.

“Many of the issues kids face and struggle with can be dealt with when talking about it with each other,” said James Achilles, of Kidzworld. “It is important that they access information written to someone their age, express their fears and emotions with their peers, and talk to kids from all around the world that are currently in the same position as them. Kidzworld makes this easy for them and, above all, guarantees a safe,fully moderated environment that encourages interaction and communication.”

Specifically, The KW Zone allows kids to design a profile; browse and join groups, and see posts from their friends and peers in forums and the chatroom.  

“Other platforms don’t have the strict safety measures that are present on Kidzworld,” James Achilles noted. “Most online and video and chat apps don’t have moderation in place for protecting kids from harmful content or questionable interactions. We have taken the steps to ensure both kids and parents feel safe in a user-friendly environment that bolsters relations between kids in a friendly, age-appropriate manner that is now, more than ever, needed to feel connected in this time of mandatory COVID-19 social isolation.”

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Kidzworld was founded to change the way kids and teens explore the digital landscape. It was created with the mission of providing a space where young people all over the world could feel safe to express their free-spirited selves. Kidzworld is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, making it one of the only social media networks that cater to youth aged 9-16. 

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