Smartgems to Launch as the Decentralized Platform for the Global jewellery Industry

SmartGems, a revolutionary platform in the blockchain era, strives to offer a secured cryptocurrency ecosystem fully-backed by top-notch investment-grade jewellery. The platform is considered as a decentralized ecosystem which is 100% backed up by luxurious jewellery to develop a stable coin environment. Its partial centralized algorithm from the business operations will make sure project participants will receive maximum profits from the growing value of the jewellery because of its scarcity and also from the growing stock inventories.

The platform is a ground-breaking and a combination blockchain technological firm which merges exiting divided worldwide jewellery markets. The disruptive trading model of SmartGems is to epoch to a new period of economic harmony among the conventional jewellery market and modern blockchain marketplaces. The ecosystem of the platform is geared by two platforms that are in development alpha stage: Cryptocurrency Instant Exchange and e-Commerce and Redeem Platform.

All Smartgems Token (SGSS) is ERC20 compatible token developed on the Ethereum blockchain network. The total number produced is 100 million. Twenty million of the SGSS tokens will be accessible for public accumulation and sales. According to their website, “SGSS is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the value of an underlying asset/ jewellery. It is a stable cryptocurrency because the value of these token is kept stable about the underlying asset.”The SGSS token is foreseen to be the most top usable and powerful cryptocurrency in the blockchain ecosystem.

The vision of the platform is to establish a cryptocurrency along with its value-based real assets. It aims to allocate in a hybrid natural ecosystem to prevent wide-swing volatility and maintain sustainable growth. Some of the features of SmartGems include transparency, redeemable, trade-able, stable in value, and it’s based on distributed technology within the blockchain.

Through using blockchain technology on the ground-breaking distributed leader technology, the platform builds an innovative system to allow jewellery industry digitization. Further, tokenizing jewellery enables people to avoid the integral individuality of every jewellery. Therefore, breaking down the homogeneity barrier.

All interested participants can redeem tokens. It enables end users to redeem their tokens in the real-world jewellery market without depending on the hard-to-find proficiency. Members might utilize the SGSS token to make a transaction or buy goods at a very discounted price. The unit cost of every SGSS might also increase significantly above its Initial Offering cost because of its limited supply and also the growing demand from the global market due to its pegging nature.

About SmartGems:

SmartGems is a decentralized platform for the worldwide jewellery industry. SGSS is modelled to be one of the most desirable tokens because of its gradual scarcity of high-quality jewellery. The team behind the platform is confident that due to the limited supply of SGSS, it will experience a stable increase in the token’s price because of the demand.

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