Smart Airwheel E6 Foldable Electric Bike- Bringing Great Convenience to Life

Airwheel E6 foldable e bike can let you enjoy the convenience brought by light weight and mini shape. Moreover, quick in foldability, it is easy to store. Besides, powerful and intelligent, it offers you a happy riding experience.

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Airwheel E6 e bike stands out in the e bike market for several reasons. Firstly, mini and light, it’s easy to carry and convenient to use. Secondly, easy to fold, it enables travelers to transfer to other modes of transport and to store it in narrow space. Lastly and most importantly, powerful and intelligent, it offers a great riding experience.

As a smart e bike, Airwheel MarsRover E6 foldable e bike holds lots of advantages that the traditional e bikes can not match. By virtue of its innovative patented frame design, E6 can bear a load of 100kg though its weight is only about 14.15kg. Therefore, E6 is easy to carry, letting you say goodbye to clumsiness. Besides, the mini E6 lets you move nimbly even on crowded streets, giving you a safe and efficient ride. In a word, you have a competent tool to facilitate your travel.

Airwheel e bike

More delightedly, Airwheel E6 folding e bike is easy to fold. Thanks to its foldable X-shaped design, the frame of E6 can be easily transformed to a more compact I-shape. Plus its foldable handlebars and saddle, E6 achieves great foldability. As a result, you can take it to bus, subway and your working place, enjoying an efficient travel and never having to worry about your bike being stolen. In a nutshell, E6 is your e bike close at hand.

Smart E Bike

While being smart in structure, E6 Smart E Bike is very powerful and intelligent, letting you enjoy the excitement brought by its excellent performance. For battery is of core importance for e bikes, E6 chooses car-level Li-ion battery set, which ensures sufficient power supply. Additionally, in modular design, the battery is replaceable to fulfill infinite range. As for the motor of E6, 300W high performance hub motor is selected to offer powerful and stable force. It’s also noteworthy that E6 has a smart App, which enables riders to master the bike condition and make personal setting.

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In summary, Airwheel E6 foldable e bike, having so many traits, can bring lots of convenience to your life.

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