Small Businesses: Why Should Your Customers Choose You?

The Secret To Getting A Competitive Edge in Business Is Not What You Think It Is

New York, NY – Insanely Great Customer Service: Going Beyond Ordinary Service To Unleash Fiercely Loyal Customer Relationships, by Daniella Fairbairn, is a pull-no-punches look at what really gives small business a competitive edge in today’s hyper-saturated market. Hint: it’s not cutting edge technology or bucket loads of capital. The secret lies in human beings, and, more specifically, how you treat them.

“We’ve all been there,” says Daniella. “At one point or another, we’ve all been in some establishment where the service left a whole lot to be desired. Try to remember how you felt at that moment. And now put yourself firmly in the shoes of your customer. What makes someone choose one business over another? More importantly, what will make your customers choose you over anyone else? The answer is insanely great customer service.” (Published by Blue Artists, LLC, 2016)  

With information about customer experiences being so easily shared, customer service is the new business currency. Customer word of mouth and reviews are more powerful than ever and can make or break your business.

Savvy business owners realize that the experience is the product and seek to control and tailor every aspect of the customer experience that they can.

This book shows you how to do that. Businesses looking to improve their positioning and increase their sales will find the practical strategies here invaluable.

Daniella’s services as a workshop leader and speaker set a strong foundation for local small businesses, with a customized formula for quality customer service experiences and helping start-up teams develop greater collaborative working environments through presentations and discussions. She focuses on education, recruitment, retention, and, of course, customer satisfaction.

In the book, Daniella offers some great tips for ramping up your customer service:

1. Strive to build customer loyalty.

It’s important to remember that if you show concern for what matters to your customers, you are more likely to have those customers for life.

2. Aim to provide personalized customer service.

As much as possible, get to know your customers personally to identify and meet their individual needs.

3.  Go the extra mile.

Think of creative ways you and your staff can go above and beyond the basic call of duty.

4. Train your staff well.

There will be plenty of times when you can’t directly deal with your customers, and your employees must be able to show them the excellent service they deserve.

5. Actively listen.

Even if you are unable to resolve an issue, your customers should still put down the phone in a good mood because they know you cared enough to listen to them without confrontation.

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About the Author:

Daniella Fairbairn is a published author and seminar presenter. In addition to being a sought-after public speaker, she is an excellent team leader. During her formative years, she functioned as a beneficiary of many non-profit programs, including having served over ten years as a Girl Scout Volunteer. To this day, she’s very passionate about my community and the well-being of others.

In education, she has earned a Masters Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Urban Health Administration, and she participates as a Coach in Dr. Teresa R. Martin’s Enjoy Your Legacy Coaching Program. Currently, she’s a Healthcare Manager and Housing Provider, in the Florida market, and has also worked as a Community Outreach Manager. Her specialties include Communications and Customer Service Training.

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About the Book:

Insanely Great Customer Service: Going Beyond Ordinary Service To Unleash Fiercely Loyal Customer Relationships (Blue Artists, LLC, 2016) is available, in print, on and on the author’s website, An ebook version will be released shortly.

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