SlimCrystal Reviews: Where to Buy Slim Crystal Water Bottle?

SlimCrystal Reviews: Where to Buy Slim Crystal Water Bottle?

Most individuals believe that bottled and tap water must provide customers with the necessary assistance. Water’s quality is determined by its molecular structure, which forms hexagonal clusters that aid users invigorate drinkers and encourage improved oxygen delivery.

According to 2004 research, these waters are dead because they have been stagnant for too long, which means they have no natural minerals or energy. These minerals are precisely why consumers benefit from water in the first place, yet drinking dead water requires the body to compensate in order for it to be effective. Get SlimCrystal For A Very Special Price

What is SlimCrystal?

SlimCrystal is a water-infused bottle that aids in weight loss and energy levels throughout the day without the need of coffee or other stimulants. The bottle does not require any additional maintenance to assure this improvement, allowing customers to provide more food and support to their bodies by just pouring themselves something to drink.

This product is created by Michael Bishop and his colleagues, is based on hundreds of scientific studies on how crystals may cure the body. As he learned more about how healing crystals can help, he gradually realised that they could also help him lose weight. He’d personally lost over 30 pounds in just a few weeks after discovering the effect that these crystals could easily have on weight loss. The Only Slimming Water Bottles Ever Created Are Finally Available in US With A Huge Discount!

How Does It Work?

It’s difficult to conceive how SlimCrystal, which consists of water and nine crystals, can help to manage weight. The simple line is that these compounds function through the metabolism.

According to some evaluations, drinking crystal water increases metabolism by up to 20%. Fat-burning rises when ones body’s metabolism grows. This way, the body will naturally dispose of the fat without intervention other than drinking water.

Furthermore, the manufacturers say that the typical quantity of water we use is carried across large distances and goes lifeless with storage (inert). This lifeless water is deficient in many ways, both minerally and energetically.

The body’s usage of this water becomes limited and taxing as a result of its inertness. Crystal water, on the other hand, is alive and contains crystal molecules. With a significantly distinct composition, living water promotes rapid absorption and bodily utilisation.

Combining crystals for various purposes is not novel or groundbreaking; it has been used throughout history to treat a variety of ailments. According to online evaluations, there has been some investigation into the specific method by which SlimCrystal water works. 

Some researchers believe that combining these crystals can considerably enhance the quantity of oxygen present. As more oxygen is used, it enters the system and corresponds with more energy available to the user.


SlimCrystal uses the combined power of nine crystals and water to achieve its assertions. All its ingredients are natural and work together to target your fat reserves holistically. Following are the ingredients used in this water bottle; 

  • Amethyst: Reports of this pretty purple gemstone being a tool for naturally inducing sedation and pushing out toxins from the body. The stone has long been associated with cognitive improvement and spiritual protection. Amethyst also may help improve metabolism and energy and is used to relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Carnelian: Carnelian is shown to be a fertility and sexuality booster. This gemstone may help regulate the kidneys. It may also improve the rate of tissue regeneration. It is a crystal with many potential benefits, including enhancing the absorption rate of minerals and the many vitamins the body needs while also improving blood flow to the tissues.
  • Crystalline quartz: Crystalline quartz has the beautiful effect of amplifying energy levels significantly. Also called clear quartz has the overall impact of making the body feel better and uplifting moods. It may also help improve mental concentration and help the body’s immunity.
  • Agate: A very popular crystal for its curative properties, it is frequently used for abdominal pain and menstrual discomfort. Agate is also used to enhance mental clarity and confidence.
  • Citrine: A bright-colored stone, it is commonly grouped with optimism, joy, and creativity. It can help lift people’s moods and attract positivity and wealth.
  • Sodalite: Sodalite may be an excellent crystal to help improve your digestive functions and metabolism. It helps boost your body’s immunity and combat calcium deficiency. These properties make it great for weight loss. It could also potentially improve your gastrointestinal issues, as some reviews suggest.
  • Moonstone: This can help improve your mood and alleviate stress. The Gemstone Society states that this gemstone can improve luck and self-discipline while improving wealth and love relationships.
  • Red Jasper: Red jasper is from the family of jaspers. It is suggested to help users focus their energy on the positive, maintaining mental and cognitive balance. Further, it may also boost energy for sexual activities.
  • Green Aventurine: Green aventurine is a very popular and attractive crystal. It is thought to have high curative properties and is an excellent crystal to promote body wellness naturally. Green Aventurine encourages higher metabolism and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Improved energy
  • Better metabolism
  • Weight loss 
  • Elevated oxygen levels
  • Better digestion 
  • Restores natural pH levels

Where to Buy SlimCrystal?

Customers can only order SlimCrystal from the official website. It is not available for sale on any third-party sites at this time. Following are some packages customers can chose from;

  • Buy one bottle for $117 and get a crystal bracelet
  • Buy two bottles for $97 each and get two crystal bracelets


SlimCrystal allows customers to boost the health advantages of their drinking water without leaving any trace behind. This bottle is simple to clean between usage, and some of the components may be washed in the dishwasher. Users should handle it with care, ensuring that they can maintain regular usage of the bottle for the 3+ months required for benefits. It also has a money-back guarantee that gives a complete return if necessary.

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