Sleep apnea causes, risks factors, symptoms and possible treatment

Sleep apnea is one of the worst types of sleep disorders that originate from neglected snoring. It happens when the airway narrows causing obstruction to normal airflow during breathing.

Sleep apnea is characterized by recurrent pauses in breathing, where a single pause could last for about 10 seconds and depending on the severity of the condition, the patient may experience 5 to 30 such pauses in an hour – repeated several times during the night.

Because of the major paucity of oxygen in the blood that the condition creates, sleep apnea is associated with several heart ailments like ischemic heart disease, strokes and heart attacks, many of which could have fatal consequences.

What is sleep apnea? What has it got to do with weight?

One of the main triggers responsible for the onset of the illness is obesity. Here weight gain is not limited to the waist and other visible areas of the body, but also the muscles directly responsible for breathing, like the tongue, jaw, neck, throat, etc.

Gaining excess weight in these critical muscles results in them becoming weak and flaccid, making them liable to collapse and block the air passage during breathing while asleep. This is the reason why apnea episodes of repeated breathlessness happen.

Most frequent Sleep Apnea Signs and symptoms

Most sleep apnea sufferers are unaware of their condition. That is for the reason that greater part with the signs show though the individual is asleep. Even though many others are also easy indicators of tiredness, fatigue or maybe much too commonplace which have been often disregarded.

EDS or even the extreme daytime sleepiness – That is despite lengthy hrs of snooze. Most of the time, this is just attributed to ordinary sleepiness and sometimes chronic laziness. In extreme instances, clients drop asleep even though engaged in focused actions.
Snoring – Incessant loud snoring is often the butt of jokes nonetheless is one thing seriously influencing the patients’ personal lifestyle.
Depression – Moodiness, irritability and at times exhibit of rage, particularly amongst youngsters.
Headaches each morning – this coupled with sore throat or dry mouth waking up, are signs of sleep apnea.
Difficulty to focus – People with sleep apnea tend to be forgetful, disoriented and have a challenging time concentrating to even the most basic daily jobs.
Restless slumber – Sleeping is usually disrupted with bathroom trips, waking up gasping or choking, toss and turning and too much perspiring.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

The medical fraternity relies heavily on CPAP or Continuous Positive Air Pressure therapy for effective management of sleep apnea symptoms.

A CPAP machine serves the purpose of blowing air through the obstructed air passage with an aim to clear the blockage and allow normal flow of air. There are various kinds of CPAP machines available in the market that you need to be aware of in order to make a choice that best caters to your treatment needs. While fixed CPAP machines blow air at a constant pressure throughout the night, auto CPAP machines are designed to detect your breathing pattern and deliver air pressures accordingly. The ability of automatic machines to provide pressures in accordance with the differences in breathing patterns make them a more beneficial and effective

Advantages of using these machines –

Cool design

A CPAP machine is always designed to blow the air through partially obstructed airway so that it is easy to eliminate the obstructions and help you to breathe normally. Many of the people call such machines as regular ones so that you can blow the air at a constant pressure throughout the night regardless what you are experiencing with it, whether it is an apnea or difficulty in breathing.

No constant pressure used

Such machines used here are automatic and do not use any type of constant pressure. Rather the machine is basically designed to sense what type of breathing you have through the pressure feedback device. When these machines sense that you are now breathing well, then the delivered pressure is made low. On the other hand, if the machine senses that your breathing is not normal then it senses an apnea, hypopnea or snoring since the delivered pressure is high and can be recognized easily.

Combination of two machines

Another great advantage of using these machines is to note that there are actually two machines in one. You can get this machine and adjust the pressure automatically and you are able to set a constant pressure just like the other machines. The functions offered here are much flexible and are attractive to many of the users using these machines for the first time.

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