Skincare For Kids: La Neur Offers Cruelty-Free Organic Solution

La Nuer is delighted to announce that it is currently offering kid-friendly skincare products. The company noticed the absence of skincare products for young children and so launched a new plant-based product – Aloe-up Gel-Kid Friendly Formula.

The Aloe-up hydrating gel is formulated with a special soothing complex using gentle plant-based extracts and is perfect for everyone in the family, including the youngest and most vulnerable skin. 

According to La Neur, most cosmetic products available in physical shops and online stores contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to the body and end up leaving the skin with undesirable reactions and inflammations. 

The company however insists that its new product is free of artificial chemicals and is the perfect remedy for scabs, flaky skin, and other irritations.

La Neur assures parents and anyone looking to instill a consistent and fun skincare routine into their daily life, that the Aloe-up Gel-Kid Friendly Formula is free of paraben, phthalate, and is also manufactured in a cruelty-free manner.

The Aloe-up hydration skincare product contains different plant-based ingredients that help provide the healthiest ‘skin food’ for young children and old folks alike.

It contains ingredients like organic aloe leaf juice, lime peel oil, neem flower extract, ivy gourd, holy basil leaf extract, turmeric root extract, etc.

Based in Chino Hills California, La Neur was founded by Dr. Sana Khan and her mother who happens to be a chemist. The mother and daughter duo say they ventured into the world of skincare treatment to create trustworthy and cruelty-free products which they could safely use for their own family. And insists that all of their products are vegan, silicone-free, supported by science, and made in the USA.

“The team at La Neur comprises a diverse background of expertise. From doctors to scientists to amazing marketers, product designers and researchers, each member is passionate in creating wholesome products and a positive customer experience.”

La Neur also has another kid-friendly product – a Vegan Lip Balm, formulated to soften chapped lips, keeping them plump and hydrated without waxy residue. And promises to remain committed to providing a unique plant-based option that works and is without the fluff.

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