Skincare Brand Evighet Gains Overnight Popularity

First to use Ice Wine on face, skincare brand Evighet sparks new trend among beauty seeking ladies

April 20, 2016 – Singapore – Before they knew it, skincare brand Evighet has become sort of a celebrity. Especially popular among the ladies, Evighet was first to use Ice Wine, a rare fruit based ingredient, as facial serum.  

“We were looking for something quite different yet effective,” says Evighet’s Chief Marketing Officer, Teddy Tham, “We didn’t expect it to explode like that.”

“Explode” is not an overstatement. 

Just days after its launch, the first batch of Ice Wine serum was furiously combed off the shelves. Now, barely three weeks later, they are on their way to completing their 5th batch.

“This is the first time we are having such overwhelming response”, says Teddy, “I think fruits still work best.”

Fox and ABC news were some of the first to publish about Evighet and its products.

“After that it was all mayhem,” says Teddy.

The trend only grew as more news and magazine outlets began publishing about the up and rising skincare brand. Morning News, Glamand Fashion News, The Morning Lead and Mammoth Times were some of the outlets that picked up on the company.

Even major outlets like NBC and CBS News had their share of publishing articles on Evighet.

While welcomed, the sudden spike in attention is something that’s relatively new to the company. “We were working hard on pushing our new serum and boom, it just took off like that,” says Teddy.

“The company spent years perfecting the Ice Wine serum, I think our formula is as good as, if not better than the big brands’ formulations,” added Teddy.

The Ice Wine serum consists of active elements obtained from Swiss frozen grapes that are harvested at minus eight degrees or lower. Claims of the effects of the rare ingredient are wide ranging, from anti-aging to skin repair to brightening.

“Customers entrust their skin and beauty to us, we want them to be safe with products that are genuinely good for them,” says Teddy.

“In the case of the Ice Wine serum, I think it is awesome that the response has been great so far. Sales has been great, but that aside, we truly appreciate the support our customers have given us.”

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About Evighet Skincare

Evighet Skincare is an up and rising Skincare Company that prides itself in delivering products that are 100% safe and genuinely beneficial for the skin. Evighet’s products aim to tackle skincare problems at its source, with a long term approach in helping customers realising their beauty goals. Its bestselling Ice Wine All-In-1 Skin Perfecting Serum has received widespread coverage and has been seen on ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS News. In total Evighet’s products have been published in over 40 news and magazine outlets.

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