SkillGaming Enters Strategic Partnership with Creo Engine to Launch Arcade Fest, a Multiverse Gaming Platform for Gamers and Web3 Enthusiasts

Arcade Fest is an immersive gaming experience that aims to redefine Web3 gaming and rewards systems

SkillGaming is pleased to announce that it has entered a partnership with Creo Engine which would facilitate the launch of its novel gaming platform, Arcade Fest. Both companies have years of experience between them in the development of Web3 gaming applications and Arcade Fest is a product of a synergy unlike anything that has ever crossed the gaming realm.

Speaking about the partnership, Javier, the CEO of CREO, stated, “We are always eager to collaborate with industry creatives, especially those who consistently bring pure fun to the table. Looking forward to a prosperous partnership.”

Arcade Fest is a play-to-earn gaming experience where gamers are treated to a plethora of entertainment options with a library boasting over 100+ games. From adrenaline-pumping action to mind-bending puzzles and immersive adventures, Arcade Fest caters to every gamer’s preference. Interestingly, Arcade Fest will be updated regularly with new games so the excitement never wanes and the challenges stay top-notch.

The gaming standpoint of Arcade Fest leverages SkillGaming expertise while Creo Engine provides blockchain capabilities. There’s a secure marketplace for earning and trading digital assets on the platform which further validates the application’s aim at revolutionizing the gaming industry.

“As the backbone technology behind this exhilarating venture, SkillGaming is proud to power Arcade Fest with our technological prowess,” explained Karen Yap, Head of Business Development at SkillGaming. “We are a gaming-as-a-service company and our main goal is to support not only CREO and crypto companies but also the gaming community. We are passionate about fueling their passion and innovation. Together, we are working towards reshaping the future of gaming and revolutionizing the way players engage and earn rewards. We are excited to extend this opportunity to other token owners and crypto projects and further propel the industry forward.”

With several games to choose from and the chance to prove their gaming skills, gamers from around the world will love the minimalist but sophisticated design of the Arcade Fest application. Arcade Fest offers a variety of game modes and mechanisms to choose from, including Free-to-Play (XP Mode) and Play-to-Earn modes like Challenge, Duel, and War. With friendly competition and high-stakes battles, this festival has every gamer covered. No matter what they’re looking for, there’s always a thrilling challenge to conquer.

To learn more about Arcade Fest, log on to

About SkillGaming

SkillGaming is a play-to-earn gaming platform empowering skilled gamers to indulge in hyper-casual minigames of their choice. Whether users prefer free play or seek rewards through competition against AI or other players, our platform caters to diverse gaming preferences.

Arcade Fest is now live and can be accessed by gamers on their official website.

About Creo Engine

Creo Engine is a blockchain-based gaming platform that aims to provide users worldwide with high-quality gaming experiences, a play-and-earn system, and a secure marketplace for buying and selling digital assets using blockchain technology. The platform also focuses on creating tools for game developers, especially those from the web2 development sphere. Creo Engine’s primary objective is to make Web3 gaming accessible to a wide audience.

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