Six38PPN, the independent venture capital platform that Provides Investment Opportunities & supports startups

Six38Peer2Peer Network is an independent venture capital platform with its own cryptocurrency Erc20 Token XENIACOIN (xen), the platform integrates a coin exchange, an online cooperative and crowdfunding.

Six38ppn platform is created to help anyone with an idea, raise the necessary funds to bring their idea to fruition and help businesses raise funds by providing all the essential components of crowdfunding on the platform.

This online platform showcases promising startups and innovative growth companies to help them find investors who can take their businesses to the next level.

Six38PP integrates some of the most creative applications such as crowdfunding, coin exchange, debt loans, equity investments, six38 community brands, online cooperative (Reach-Out) with an attractive compensation and reward plans (55% Revolving reward).

The Cooperative (Reach-out) is based on the Ancient Xenia concept which means give and others will give to you.  It uses the ‘give-to-receive’ system to create a relationship with mutual interests and also applies the principles of charity, hospitality, and benevolence to regulate funding relationships between neighbors and even strangers. In this contemporary time, it is called a cooperative, and cooperatives are businesses that are owned and run by members of the community and every member, including customers, employees, and residents have equal say and power for decision making. Unlike other businesses, Cooperatives are not driven by profit alone but also focus towards the personal development of every member as well as the betterment of the world.

Six38PNN applies these cooperative values to create the founding framework of Six38’s Reach-Out system. It’s an online co-operative created for members development on a transparent platform.

To be a part of the reach out system, the user must register on the Six38ppn Platform, free of charge. They can click on the Reach Out Icon to fill in the amount they propose to contribute to the system after which the system will calculate 30% of their proposition value and display the same.

After the above step, the users will be able to see the available projects where they can invest their 30%. They can enter the amount they want to invest in the box provided and choose to spread their 30% among various projects, provided the amount per investment is not below $15. Once proceeding from this step, the system will assign the user another cooperative member’s whom they must give the remaining 70%, which automatically puts them in line for receiving a contribution from new members who join the pool. Once the system gets to their turn, it will assign other members of the cooperative to contribute, including the 70% contributed to others plus a 55% reward for being a member and participating in the Reach out system.

More information about the platform and the Reach Out system can be found at

The Erc20 Token XENIACOIN will at its release serve as a token for all six38ppn initiated projects EG. SIX38CBEI (commodity Brand Export Initiative) and a 20% bonus will be given to early adopters.

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