Six Steps To Prevent Personal Injury Caused By Improper Operation Of The Equipment

If the equipment cannot be cut off in time due to high temperature and explosion, the arc may be caused by improper operation of the equipment Personal injury and death accidents, explosion accidents caused by arc protection of electrical equipment in flammable and explosive environment, and burning accidents of adjacent equipment.
1. First of all, according to the engineering configuration, go to the site to investigate the geographical distribution of the switch cabinet, and determine which switch cabinet the main control unit, arc light sensor and arc light acquisition unit should be installed in. Most of them are bus Pt cabinet or excitation Pt cabinet. These cabinets are generally empty and have enough space to install. During the site investigation, actually open them to prevent other things from occupying the space.
2. The second is to determine how to route the optical fiber of the arc probe. We know that the monitoring object of the arc probe is the bus in the switch cabinet, and the bus is located in the rear half of the switch cabinet. The optical fiber connecting the probe to the main control unit must pass through the front half of the switch cabinet, which requires the optical fiber to walk from the back of the switch cabinet to the front of the switch cabinet, and then along the front of the switch cabinet The secondary cable routing hole or the bus duct on the top of the cabinet is connected to the main control unit or arc light unit, so a hole should be opened on the partition board of the front and rear parts of the switch cabinet to facilitate the passage of optical fiber.
3. Thirdly, if the switch cabinet is divided into two rows, part of the optical fiber must pass through the cable trench to connect to the main control unit. In order to protect it, the optical fiber passing through the cable trench must pass through the PVC pipe. Therefore, the PVC pipe used to pass through the optical fiber should be properly prepared.
4. When the main control unit, arc sensor, arc acquisition unit and other equipment have determined the installation site, it is necessary to actually measure the optical fiber length from each arc probe to the main control unit or arc acquisition unit, and summarize and calculate how much optical fiber is needed for the whole project. When the field service takes optical fiber in the past, it should be targeted, no more or no more.
5. Determine the wiring method of current CT, whether to use a group of CT alone or in series with other protection CT, and share a group of CT, which should be well planned before construction.
6. The optical fiber cutter for cutting the optical fiber, the nut for fixing the arc sensor, and the flash lamp (including the charger) for the experiment should be prepared.
In the arc withstand time, arc protection can be used in the existing standard electric switch cabinet to remove arc short circuit fault, protect the safety of personnel and equipment, reduce equipment maintenance costs and maintenance time. The function of arc protection is being concerned by everyone. Our timely understanding of national new products and new specifications has also played a positive role in promoting the development and application of new technologies.

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