Sitting Down with Canadian Millennial Entrepreneur, Logan McLellan, to Discuss the Importance of Using Social Media in Modern Day Business

“Photo of Logan McLellan, by Tyler Macinnis Photography”

Social media is not a hidden entity in the business world: just about everyone you meet is using some form of social media daily. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (among others) have come a long way in the business industry – in fact, you may even be reading this article through some channel of social media. It is a fact that many businesses that are successful today were started through the use of media. For those that didn’t start up that way, other businesses have successfully transitioned their company to social media in order to promote their products, their employees and ultimately to gain customers across the globe.

The real question, however, is are these businesses actually successfully executing in this newfound realm of marketing? To help answer this question, we interviewed Logan McLellan. McLellan is a twenty-four-yearold entrepreneur from Prince Edward Island, Canada who has been running an investment business for the past six years. His company has found great success on social media. Logan has also used social media separately, in order to build an Instagram media brand, which now has a total of approximately 500,000 followers on Instagram. More impressively, he was able to do this in only one year!

Why is it crucial to understand the power of social media for business?

“Social media is a game-changer for entrepreneurs and business owners. If you aren’t already, you need to be executing on your social media now, as it is only going to get more expensive as time progresses. Social media gives you capabilities that word of mouth cannot: you literally have the potential to reach millions of people for little to no money. With any other type of advertising, reaching the same amount of people would require large amounts of capital.” – McLellan

What can a business do to improve their social media presence?

“The answer to this question is simple: you need to put in the time to make it work for you. I know, this is a classic line used in business, but with social media it is very true. There needs to be a business plan in action, which could be as easy as making three posts a day on your Facebook page, and doing this every single day, no matter what. You have to treat your social media like it is one of your best customers: you need to provide that unbeatable customer service every time you press “post”. Make those posts count, and use them to your advantage…be valuable.” – McLellan

What do you mean, be valuable? How can a Facebook page or an Instagram account be valuable?

“Sure, I’ll give you a couple examples. if you run a business that seeks to be involved in your community, make sure that your page is the first to share any breaking news, local events, etc. Another example could be filming a tourist video about the city you live in, as videos are (right now) the most engaging thing to attract a new audience. Some more examples could be some of the following: If you run a law firm, give a free thirty second legal tip every week, if you’re an accountant, have a tax calculator right on your page, if you’re a mechanic, post a thirty second video on how to maintain your car in the winter months. These are just very basic examples, but the things you can do are endless. Something that helps me is I consider what people might be Googling about my industry, and posting about those topics. After all, you are the expert in your field!” – McLellan

You mentioned video content is the most engaging right now, why do you think that is?

“I personally think it is because it is the most eye catching, and it can leave a longer impression on someone, rather than a worded post. Videos are stimulating, which means that your social media follower will be more likely to tune into what you are trying to get across to them. Also, a tip for anyone wanting to post video content, make sure you use subtitles in the video: 60% of people scroll with their volume off…. this is especially important to know when using Facebook!” – McLellan

That’s great, Logan. I think this information will be helpful to many. Any last remarks?

“Be authentic to yourself and your brand, have fun with it, and social media will then become another tool you are able to use every day to enhance your business.” – McLellan

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