Singer and Noted Instagrammer Kevin Keew Releases a New Single, “Brazilian Style”

Influencer, model, and singer Kevin Keew is enamored with Brazil. In fact, he is so fascinated by all things Brazilian, that he is currently busy recording a new song, “Brazilian Style.” This song plays tribute to and is inspired by the Latin/South America country’s compelling and unique musical heritage and culture. It reflects and combines a variety of Brazilian influences, which include Samba, Bailey Funk, and “Passinho dos Maloka.”

Brazilian Style is guaranteed to be a smash hit. It’s catchy, infectious and memorable — all the key ingredients of a song to dance to You can listen to “Brazilian Style” on Spotify, right now.

But what is Brazilian Style all about? There’s a Portuguese proverb,“Tudo junto e misturado,” which translates to, “all together and mixed up.” There is, of course, a music video for Brazilian Style in the mix, and what’s more, local Brazilian choreography and talent will be prominent. According to Kevin, the viewers will want tobreak/street dance to the rhythm of the Samba and EDM which fuels the song.

Kevin’s objective with Brazilian Style is to highlight Brazilian society, where a love for good food, good music and good times is a unifying force. Those are the aspects of Brazil that Kevin finds most appealing. Ultimately, he wishes all countries could have love and peace reverberate throughout them! This will become clear once you listen to Brazilian Style and watch its music video for yourself.

Kevin has a diverse family background. He is British, Portuguese, and Brazilian. In addition, he’s modeled in over 20 countries. As for Kevin’s own musical preferences, he loves EDM, pop, and trap. He recorded his first indie song and accompanying music video, “Baile Funk from Brazil” (2015) at the age of 5. This song was a hit and drew significant attention to him — before he knew it, he earned over 1,000,000 followers on Instagram. 

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Kevin’s family has always sought to impart within him a strong set of values, reflected in the anti-slavery musings of William Wilberforce. (“Let it not be said that I was silent when they needed me,” is one of Wilberforce’s quotes, which Kevin’s family used to stress the importance of being proactive.) Other sources of inspiration include James Cook (“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”), and Confucius (“Don’t do unto others what you don’t want done unto you.”)

Kevin wants to observe how people express themselves, how they enjoy his music, and how they use it to give a voice to the voiceless — namely, children who’ve been victims of abuse. Art, in the service of society, best reflects his way of doing things.

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