Singapore’s Zero Waste Shop Launches Wholesale Wood Hangers

Singapore's Zero Waste Shop Launches Wholesale Wood Hangers
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Green Living announces wooden hangers eco-friendly products to save the environment. Green Living is a brand of household items based in Singapore that is designed with the environment in mind. For the company, it is the first eco-friendly hanger made from natural wood, which is both environmentally friendly and practical.

Green Living’s hangers are crafted from maple wood, which is a highly sustainable, renewable resource. Maple wood grows quickly and regenerates fast when it is harvested, making it a green resource for all kinds of products. By incorporating wood into its product line, Green Living aims to make a Zero waste shop and its products as eco-conscious as possible, reducing the amount of wood that goes into production and increasing the amount of carbon dioxide that is sequestered by the trees in order to produce their hangers.

A Green Living spokesperson said, “Sometimes it’s hard to find sustainable products that are also useful and nice to have around. The sustainable products that we create for ourselves, our homes, and our businesses are something that we use every day. If those products can be made from sustainable materials, they can turn into a habit of living sustainably. Something that we notice when we’re creating our products is that the material must be environmentally neutral.” He added, “We want to use materials that don’t harm animals or the environment but are still nice to have around. Choosing wood as the main material for our hanger makes us think about how much wood we consume in a day and how much of it goes to waste instead of being used again. We find ways of recycling our wood so that it becomes nice to have around again.”

Green Living is a household product company committed to providing eco-friendly cleaning solutions and household products. They specialize in household products that are environmentally friendly and safe to use around children and pets. Green Living has provided its customers with organic, plant-based products solutions since 1988. When it first began, its primary focus was just on the environment—but over time, it became clear that its customers also cared about how their money was spent. Green Living’s dedication to producing safe, sustainable products led to the development of healthier solutions for their home.

Green Living has specialized in household products for 34 years, providing eco-friendly household products. Their primary product focus is on hanger wholesale and other household items. Moreover, they are the leading brand of wooden hangers in Singapore, with worldwide customers.

Nowadays, the company forms partnerships to market their product in Singapore to expand their business. And now, they have sales networks in 46 countries worldwide. For more information, please visit

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