Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids Makes Coding Education Easy and Affordable Like Never Before

“Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids”
Learning the basics of computer coding is no longer an expensive affair, thanks to Simply Coding’s Game Design Software for Kids. This high-quality online learning program is now available in for $49.95 only.

Simply Coding’s popular online tutorial is now emerging as a trusted alternative amongst the parents that want their kids to leran the basics of computer coding. Suitable for kids abive the age of ten, this online program teaches coding for kids in a fun and and interactive way.  Many parents have now used and recommended this tutorial to provide early computer edication to their children. Currently ranked as the number one Amazon bestseller in its caregory, this program can be purchased in for just $49.95.

There are hundreds of companies that have come up with their computer education program for kids. Unlike most of them, the animation software from Simply Coding has been approved by school systems throughout the country. This software was designed based on the feedback received from hundreds of kids that were involved in the process of testing, refining, and perfecting the system. In addition to teaching how to build games, this propgram also encourages the kids to think critically and be innovative. To make learning easy for these children, Simply Coding offers live mentor assistance twice a month.

A highly satisfied buyer mentions in his Amazon review, “Designed for ages 10 and up, the Simply Coding program is custom tailored to introducing kids to HTML, Java, and C++. It offers information on how to build a website, basic software, and/or games! The packages comes with a unique, one-time registration code and an 8Gb USB flash drive for storing files. Once we received the software, my son was able to go online, register and download the software, and within minutes, was showing his son how to use it! Overall, I definitely recommend this program for any parent wanting to give their child a leg up in today’s computer world.” 

Another buyer recommends the product saying,” This coding software is educational yet fun. It is extremely easy to sign up. There is even a video to guide you through it. There are videos in the lessons that make learning it easier than just reading it. They go by quickly yet they are full of important information. There are quizzes at the end of each section and you need to get a 100% in order to move on. It is really cool and rewarding to see a game that you are making start to come together. I feel that this coding software could be used by adults and kids alike.”

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About Simply Coding: Simply Coding is an organization dedicated to creating high-quality digital learning programs for the children. A number of online courses from the company are now selling successfully on 

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