Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids Completes One Year in

“Simply Coding Game Design Software for Kids”
Simply Coding’s flagship product Game Design Software for Kids has recently completed one eventful year in Within the past one year, this online education program has emerged as the number one Amazon bestseller in its category.

Simply Coding is pleased to reveal that their popular Amazon product Game Design Software for Kids has successfully completed its first year in Designed by a group of professional developers, this online tutorial has been appreciated heavily by the Amazon shoppers. This program is suitable for children above the age of ten, and offers quality education on computer programming for kids. Simply Coding is currently selling this product for a 50% discounted price of just $49.95 alongwith tons of additional benefits.

The animation software program from Simply Coding has been approved by school systems around the United States both as part of their course catalogs and as an after school program. In spite of being an in-depth and comprehensive program, the tutorial is easy to follow for the young kids. Simply Coding also provides live mentor assistance twice a month to ensure effective learning. Many parents have appreciated the fact that this course not only teaches the techniques to design computer games, but also inspires critical thinking and innovation amongst the children. As a bonus gift, Simply Coding is offering a 8GB USB flash drive to all the buyers.

A delighted mother recently mentioned in her Amazon review, “Yet another excellent product by Simply Coding. In less than 4 hours my son coded a pong game, renamed it and changed some of it to make it “his game”. I even received an email from Simply Coding informing me of my son’s success. He is having so much fun with this program, I can’t wait to see what’s next! There are 2 more games he will learn to code with the help of this program and we are so excited to see them. Thank you for a wonderful way for my son to expand his learning. 

Discussing the product’s journey over the last one year, a senior official from Simply Coding stated, “ Ever since its launch on Amazon, this product  has been a favorite with the parents that want their kids to have the basic computer education from an early age. This support inspires us to continue serving them in the long run.”

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