Simpler, Easier Opt-ins – Only With Whisp

Simpler, Easier Opt-ins - Only With Whisp

Renowned telecommunications entrepreneur Steven Doumar is set to launch the newest breakthrough in funnel technology called Whisp, which was made as a unique and exciting way for opting in leads to one’s funnel.

The new innovation by Doumar and his team is made for the purpose of providing new ways for the acquisition of data of various kinds, especially when there is a need or preference by the consumer or the target audience to opt-in to an offer for several reasons. From its conception to its eventual commercial use, Doumar makes sure that Whisp will be the one setting the bar in today’s technology when it comes to the “opting-in” systems that every online business needs to get the needed leads for their operations.

By simply sending a particular call to action that is easy to follow, Whisp can now ensure that opting in by consumers has been made easier and more legal. Using easy and small calls to action such as QR scanning and image selection, Doumar makes sure that through the new technology brought by Whisp, there will be no more hard times for their clients to get the leads they need to boost their businesses and websites. There is no more need to get into some shady and risky practices o the part of online businesses just to get the said leads into their funnel – all they have to do is to avail of the new technological greatness that is Whisp.

And not only does it make things easier, but Whisp also ensures that all the leads gathered are clear and accurate. Every opt-in gained through the Whisp technology is guaranteed to be accurate in every single detail, as well as complete in every field that needs to be filled – all while still complying with the governing laws regarding data acquisition, so there’s no need to fear about using this tool to get the leads you need. By using Whisp, your website or online business will surely get the boost it needs instantly and legally.

Whisp is created by telecommunications entrepreneur Steve Doumar and his team. They are currently based n Miami, Florida, and he can be reached out through his official website at, well as through his official social media pages.


Whisp is created by Steve Doumar and his team based in Miami, Florida. Doumar is the founder and CEO of and is also a well-known telecommunication entrepreneur and teleservices pioneer.

As the one behind the Whisp technology, Steve Doumar leads the newest method of capturing the best leads through a simple opt-in process, making it easy for businesses to capture leads with just a tap of a button, and send the data directly to the business CRM so they can commence a sales conversation.

Starting his entrepreneurial journey through the bridal magazine “Premier Bride”, Doumar was able to grasp the ins and outs of the business world and eventually grow his first business. From that, Doumar continues to gain success as an entrepreneur, eventually getting into telecommunications and has finally got into his latest technological innovation, the opt-in tool known as “Whisp”.

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