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Latest silk sarees collections from Kanchipuram launched online at Kanjivaram Silks. These silk sarees comes from different parts of India and have acquired the name specific to the location. Example: Kanchipuram Silk Sarees from Kanchipuram, Uppada Pattu Sarees from Uppada.

When it comes to attending a traditional function at home or attend a family affair, women always want to look their best without missing any part of their dressing element. They want to wear a perfect dress, the perfect make-up, sandals, accompanied jewellery and what not!

Being a woman is not easy, but when it comes to attending function, only a woman knows the time and dedication she requires to look flawless. We live in a society where we are constantly judged and criticized, and only those are able to face everything gracefully who don’t really care about what the world says and do what their heart desires.

Women and saree are never going to part ways. They loves sarees and thankfully there are tons of traditional sarees to try on. Sarees are popular in all over India and each region bring in some uniqueness in its saree. Well, that’s what we are going about today. Let’s check out the 15 regional sarees from all over India which you should have. We have the famous Banarsi silk saree, Kanchipuram silk saree, Assam silk saree, Patola saree, and more. All of these silk sarees from Kanjivaram Silks, are crafted in a unique style, using different fabric, and embroidery technique too. But all of these sarees have one major thing in common and that is their elegance.

We have seen our grandmothers in pattu sarees, our mom’s beautiful pattu saree collection which inspired us to start with our own collection too!

Assam Silk Saree

Assam silk sarees are a very popular kind of silk sarees in India. The most popular Assam silk saree is the moga silk. The beautiful fine threads are used to create an elegant looking assam silk saree. Although the sarees that people wear in Assam has two parts. One for the pallu and the lower half which you tuck in the petticoat.

Banarsi silk saree

The pattu sarees are among the best sarees in India and are known for their gold and silver brocade or zari, fine silk and extravagant weaving.

The sarees are made of finely woven silk and are adorned with many-sided structure, and, on account of these inscriptions, are generally overwhelming. Most mainstream in marriage banarasi silk sarees in North India.

Bandhani/Bandhej Saree

Rajasthan and Gujarat are prime goals for purchasing these fit-for-summers, flowy and liquid sarees.

Produced using the customary tie-&-dye workmanship with trademark ‘specks’ design, Bandhani sarees are made in fine cotton, georgette, cotton-silk mixes, crepe, chiffon and strong silk variations.

Bhagalpuri Pattu Saree

Bhagalpur is a residential community arranged on the banks of the waterway Ganga. The forte of this town is the exceptional silk texture known as tusser silk or generally known as Bhagalpuri silk.

Bomkai Pattu Sarees

Territory of Orissa is especially known for making acclaimed Indian Pattu sarees. Another little town of Bomkai is the center point of creating handwoven sarees that would blow your mind.

Chanderi Pattu Saree

This is an assortment of tissue silk that offers ascend to transparent sarees. Madya Pradesh is well known for delivering these exquisite bits of unbelievable workmanship.

Dhakai Saree

A standout amongst the most dazzling cotton sarees in India began in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Kalamkari pattu Saree

Kalamkari implies an imaginative creation made by pen (kalam). Kalamkari saris should have hand painted structures, however printed Kalamkari saris are additionally accessible. Enlivened by Hindu folklore, antiquated buckles and figures.

Kantha pattu Saree

Kantha is a sort of weaving in eastern South Asia, particularly Bangladesh and parts of West Bengal and Odisha.

Kanchipuram silk Saree

Kanchipuram sarees essentially originates from a spot called Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. This saree is known for its energetic hues and superb sanctuary design fringes.

Kota Saree

Kota sarees are normally made of cotton. They hail from the city of Kota in Rajasthan. They can be sufficiently straightforward to be worn at home and they can likewise be selective as marriage sarees.

Leheriya Saree

Lehariya is prominent tie-&-dye workmanship that works with wave (lehar) design. Dynamic and splendid, Lehariya sarees are a blasted of hues, and I adore them for all their multi-shaded wonder.

Paithani Saree

Paithani is the celebrated silk saree of Maharashtra. It is said that in the season of the incomparable Maratha rulers, genuine gold string was utilized to weave these sarees, plans which are mark to the saree are parrots as themes.

Patola Saree

Getting their name from the Patan District of the province of Gujarat, marvelous Patolas are rich handloom sarees. The genuine specialty of weaving a Patola saree is a firmly monitored family convention of weavers in Patan/Rajkot zone.

Taant – Cotton sari from Bengal

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Bengal is the best spot to purchase fresh cotton sarees that are known as Taant. The strength of this saree is that it is firmly pressed and contains amazing workmanship.

These are the Best Sari Art from India accessible at G3fashion. For any inquiry or Inquire remark beneath, remember to share this post.

Above are types of sarees that we have in India. All of these sarees are loved by every Indian women. You will even see many film stars wearing these sarees occasionally. In fact, Sharmila Tagore wore Uppada silk sarees and Kanchipuram silk sarees many a times.

No matter what kind of sarees you choose for yourself, we are sure you will look graceful in all of them. They look authentic, they look delightful, and each saree has its own story. When you wear a saree for a party or for a family function, all eyes are automatically routed to you. That’s the aura a saree brings in with itself and when a beautiful lady wears it, her grace and beauty doubles instantly.

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