Silicone Masterbatch: Improve the mold release and processing performance of HIPS, and improve the surface quality

High Impact Polystyrene, often referred to as HIPS, is a thermoplastic material made from elastomer-modified polystyrene. The two-phase system, consisting of a rubber phase and a continuous polystyrene phase, has evolved into an important polymer commodity worldwide, and this versatile product has a wide range of impact and processing properties, giving it a wide range of applications, such as use in the automotive, appliance, electric products, furniture, housewares, telecommunication, electronics, computers, disposables, pharmaceuticals, packaging, and recreational markets.

Because of its ease of manufacture and low cost, HIPS is widely used in many appliances and industries. Major industries and markets include packaging, disposables, appliances and consumer appliances, toys and recreational items, building products and decorative items. The largest single application of HIPS is packaging, especially in the food industry, where it is consumed by more than 30% of the world’s population.

High impact polystyrene with the following characteristics:

1. Impact resistant polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin;

2. Odorless, tasteless, rigid material with good dimensional stability after molding;

3. Excellent high dielectric insulation;

4. Non-quality and low water absorption material;

5. It has good gloss and is easy to paint.

Based on the excellent performance of HIPS, many processors use HIPS as a substitute for ABS, so modified HIPS has been the focus of the industry, that should be how to improve the processing performance and surface quality of HIPS?

1, raw material selection

In the raw material selection stage, we need to find a combination that balances the toughness and gloss of HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene). Among them, rubber-modified polystyrene is a good choice, which can significantly improve the toughness of HIPS while maintaining its gloss. In addition, a similar effect can be achieved by using graft-modified polystyrene.

2„ÄĀOptimization of processing technology

The processing performance and toughness of HIPS can be improved by controlling the processing process parameters. For example, increasing the processing temperature can lower the melting point of the material, thus improving its toughness. At the same time, appropriate pressure and stress can prompt the material to melt more uniformly, thus improving the gloss of the product. In addition, the use of nanocomposite enhancement technology can also further improve the toughness and gloss of HIPS.

3, copolymerization modification

Copolymerization modification can change the chemical structure of the polymer, thereby changing its performance. When granulating HIPS, add silicone additives in proportion to improve the processing performance and surface properties of HIPS.

SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-410 is a pelletized formulation with 50% ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in High impact polystyrene (HIPS). It is widely used as an efficient additive for PS compatible resin system to improve the processing properties and surface quality, such as better resin flow ability, mold filling & release, less extruder torque, lower coefficient of friction, greater mar and abrasion resistance.

SILIKE LYSI series silicone masterbatch may be processed in the same way as the resin carrier on which they based. It can be used in classical melt blending process like Single /Twin screw extruder, injection molding. A physical blend with virgin polymer pellets is recommended.

When added SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch LYSI-410 to polyethylene or similar thermoplastic at 0.2 to 1%, improved processing and flow of the resin is expected, including better mold filling, less extruder torque, internal lubricants, mold release and faster throughput; At a higher addition level, 2~5%, improved surface properties are expected, including lubricity, slip, lower coefficient of friction and greater mar/scratch and abrasion resistance.

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