Silend Is Strengthening Communities Through Their App Where People Can Give Anonymously and Receive Silently

Silend stands on the values of compassion, trust and security, and affordability to lend a helping hand in someone else’s story

Indianapolis, IN – One in eight families in America live in hunger and struggle to provide for their families each day. According to the 2020 US Census Report, approximately 38 million people are food insecure including children, seniors, and college students. Sadly, 12 million of these people are fulltime workers between the ages of 25 and 64. But together, small acts of kindness and generosity can make a long and lasting impact on these ones, as giving anonymously to those in need reflects true selflessness.

Silend is a portmanteau of the words ‘silent + lending’, in homage to our friends and neighbors who may be suffering in silence, too afraid to ask for financial help. Silend aims to be the leading social giving platform that rebuilds our sense of community by connecting people within a one mile geographic radius. Users are encouraged to share what they can spare and pay it forward.

The founders have made it their mission to be a force for good by empowering individuals to give back to their communities, and overcome socioeconomic barriers which will lead to a fulfilling life. Most importantly, the Silend app does not intend to replace income but to supplement shortfalls and serve as an alternative to high interest payday loans, while creating a platform to give back to friends and neighbors in need.     

The Silend app will be launching Spring 2022, while the website will go live on May 1st. The app is launching beta on the Google Play store and the second version will include Apple. Early adopters will have the opportunity to help the app by providing feedback.

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About Silend

Silend is a peer-to-peer giving app that allows people to give and receive help silently/anonymously. Silend is geo-based so donors and receivers are shown within a one-mile radius of their physical location. Funds are made available for basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and education. A maximum of $100 may be received at a time and to take out a subsequent request, the receiver must pay it forward to help someone else.

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