Silbo – The World\’s First Smart LunchBox LAUNCHED INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN!

Silbo is the world’s first smart and innovative lunchbox.

We have made your lunch as easy and simple as possible, while looking sleek and stylish in the process.

Silbo keeps your meal fresh & cold all day long and with a push of a button, can heat your food to the desired temperatures.

Silbo’s unique sensors will measure, track, analyze, monitor & manage your eating habits & nutritional values.

Forget everything you know about lunchtime and be part of our new life changing lunchbox.

Silbo is perfect for everyone, whether you are an athlete looking to ease the hard work of tracking macro nutrients, a business man, lawyer, high-tech employee or a student trying to reach your health goals or just fit an easy hot fresh meal around your busy schedule, Silbo was made for you.

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Take control of what you eat and enjoy fresh, warm & healthy meals on the go.

Food fuels our lives. It allows us to function and gives us energy through the day. What we choose to eat for lunch can make or break our performance for the day. Most of the time, we opt for unhealthy meals because we think they are “time-savers”, when in reality, with our product, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Silbo will take care of everything you need for a meal on the go – from planning and preparing, to cooling and heating the food in seconds, while tracking, analyzing and managing your dietary needs and even has a built in power bank, just in case you need to recharge your mobile devices as well as refueling your body. Let us do the hard work for you so you can enjoy the best and coolest experience of food on the go.

With an elegant & luxurious design that is water-proof, dust-proof and leak-proof, made entirely from Green, Environmentally Friendly, Anti-bacterial and Food Safe materials Silbo provides an easy and convenient way to eat your healthy & delicious meals anywhere & anytime.

With Silbo, you can be sure that your meal is always at the right temperature. Your food will stay fresh & cold thanks to our efficient cooling system (up to 12 hours), When you’re ready to heat up your meal, just click the button and you’re all set! We developed an eco-friendly NO GAS heating system to give your food the warmth it needs in seconds – you can heat each cell separately to the desired temperature, this means no more hot salad or cold pasta with your meal!

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Silbo is equipped with strong and quality power bank with a capacity of 14,000mAh that can charge all your mobile devices anywhere & anytime and needs to be recharged JUST once a week! (NORMAL USE)

Silbo connects to your smart device via Bluetooth 5.0 and it’s customized for every SMARTPHONE, TABLET and SMARTWATCH, fits both ANDROID and IOS.

Most of the time we can’t track and calculate the amount of calories, fat, proteins, sugar and carbohydrates we eat, But with Silbo’s unique sensors and our own intelligent algorithm you can measure, track, analyze, monitor and manage your eating habits and dietary needs with the healthiest & tastiest recipes EVER…

Also, it’s a great social network and you can share your recipes and find new friends.

After an in-depth study of the market and our own engineered prototypes, we have designed Silbo to be the perfect size and it can be carried VERTICALLY and HORIZONTALLY.

Silbo has plenty of space to accommodate all your lunch needs, making the experience that much easier and efficient, whilst still remaining small enough to comfortably fit into every bag.

Silbo is simple and easy to clean. the ANTI-SCRATCH & NONSTICK stainless steel compartments are easily removable and dishwasher safe. Also you can wash it manually under water.

Get this revolutionary lunchbox today and you will get a unique hand made Christmas gift from Silbo familly.

Welcome to the future with Silbo familly!

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