ShowingHero is giving back to the Property Management Industry during these uncertain times

ShowingHero is offering their proprietary Self-Showings and brand-new Virtual Showings feature to property managers and real estate agents at no additional cost when it is most needed for the safety and health of property managers and prospective tenants alike. “As a property management business owner myself, I have greatly benefited from this incredible industry over the last 10 years, and in order push our industry forward and to do our part in slowing the spread of this pandemic, it is only right that we give back at this time,” said Zee Bhimji the co-founder of ShowingHero and Real Property Management franchisee.

ShowingHero, a Chicago based proptech startup launched in 2018 by property managers themselves, was developed to provide a true solution to the industry.  The automated leasing software helps property managers and real estate agents show and lease/sell properties up to 15 times faster while automatically responding to all leads, managing their schedules, streamlining communication and providing prospects the opportunity to coordinate their showings instantly.

Due to the current pandemic, many property managers and agents are looking for safer solutions to continue leasing their vacancies. Agent showings have declined as federal regulations have started to encourage work from home, citywide lockdowns and physical distancing. “Many of our clients have shifted to Self-Showings and virtual options as the new norm, and these options simply work better for all the parties involved. There will always be a need for in person agent showings, but during this unusual leasing season this is the way to be the most productive,” said Asif Hussain the CEO and co-founder of ShowingHero.

“Many new property managers are signing up at this time because these options keep them in business. We have also seen our current clients who were initially hesitant to switch over to self-showings as the current situation is providing a unique opportunity to take the so-called plunge into full automation,” said Asif when explaining the influx of self-showings in the last few weeks. ShowingHero is expecting to schedule over a million showings in 2020 across U.S. and Canada. Due to the current epidemic, it is offering the following options to its clients:

  1. Self-Showings – Electronic SMART lock boxes grant prospects the opportunity to look at the property themselves by issuing a one-time access code. ShowingHero is enhancing self-showing by verifying and pre-screening tenants for extremely secure showings, while also notifying agents every step of the way.  

  2. Merits of Virtual Showings – Many companies have also pushed towards Virtual Showing as a strong alternative.  Agents connect live via a fully integrated video chat app with prospects sitting in front of their laptops or mobile devices.  The prospect is able to enjoy a clear view of the property and virtually tour their new home! 

  3. Virtual Tours – ShowingHero also allows agents to push out pre-recorded video tours to interested tenants and creates a waitlist feature for prospects who want to see the property after the current crisis.

You can learn more about ShowingHero, Self-Showings, and industry best practices by scheduling a demo and speaking with a leasing specialist.

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