Short path molecular distillation turnkey solution pre-sale service

BOTH Instrument & Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD. is a technologically innovative company dedicated to the research, design, production and marketing of high-quality laboratory instruments, pilot equipment and large-scale production equipment, and has extensive experience in Turnkey Solutions using short path molecular distillation to extract the active ingredients of a variety of materials. These include Omega-3 from fish oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), MCT oil, cinnamon leaf oil, and more. We are proud to present our pre-sale services for short path molecular distillation turnkey solutions.

In order to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions, we offer pre-sale services, which include laboratory tests to verify the effectiveness of our machines/equipment/production lines. Because testing and testing inevitably incur costs, we charge for the initial phase of research and development. Once an order for machinery/equipment/production line has been confirmed, these charges will be deducted from the value of the order.

Experiment content

Equipment: Determine the type of equipment used for material production and the processing capacity/output required.

Raw material/quantity: Determine raw material and sample weight.

Finished product specifications: Specify the ingredients extracted from the raw material and the required purity.

Document/report feedback: Detailed recording of data from various test processes to ensure accuracy. Product content reports are also available.

Sample return: Confirm the weight of the sample returned for the content test.

Transportation or storage requirements: Customers need to determine the mode of transportation and storage requirements of the finished product, and our company can provide relevant advice.


1. As the test is usually in the research and development stage, the customer should be fully aware of the problems that may arise from the test and fully and effectively communicate with our technical engineers or sales representatives before deciding to conduct the test.

2. The customer should understand the characteristics of the material and provide relevant test parameters. (If the customer cannot provide the test parameters, we can test according to our previous experience)

3. Special packaging or refrigerated transport is not included in the cost of the test, and the customer is obliged to inform in advance of the special packaging or refrigerated requirements.

BOTH Instrument & Industrial Equipment (Shanghai) Co., LTD. is proud to offer these pre-sale services as part of our commitment to provide first-class solutions to our valued customers. These services are designed to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of our short path molecular distillation turnkey solutions, providing a seamless experience of One Stop Purchasing for our customers.

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