Shoestp, the global cross-border B2B wholesale shoes platform

Shoestp is the global cross-border B2B platform. It is a online & offline foreign trade platform by Wenzhou Xinlian Industrial Co., Ltd. This company is located at WenZhou which is known as the Chinese shoe capital, and is aimed at creating the global B2B platform through collection high-quality shoes. This company focus on high-quality, distinctive and cost-effective footwear products, and it provides professional, safe and efficient network systems of cross-border transactions for servicing to buyers professionally. Shoestp is the first Global shoe industry supply chain vertical platform.

Since its establishment, the company has used the “Internet + smart” pattern for wholesale shoes industry chain to help enterprises transform foreign trade from traditional foreign trade to Internet trade. Based on foreign trade of globally shared shoe supply chain, Shoestp builds special shoe domain that would cover B2B, B2C and O2O.

In the process of foreign trade, there is a gap between demanders and suppliers. The purpose of Shoestp platform is to establish a more efficient way to communicate between the two parties, so that both of them could conduct their business more efficiently. Shoestp uses the global joint procurement method to solve factories MOQ problem. Global joint procurement is uniting a large number of small purchasers to form large purchase orders, and those orders through the Shoestp to the Chinese factory directly. It is a opportunity for small demanders to purchase high quality products at competitive prices.

All products on the Shoestp platform come from China’s shoe factory which with certain scale and professionalism. All the products are verified by the quality inspection department of the wholesale shoes platform. There are 30,000 shoes style on the platform for buyers, meanwhile, people could contact customer services to customize shoes they want to make.

So far we have helped many buyers to purchase satisfactory products. The orders could be tracked in real time by platform database. People can check the order details through Shoestp any time, also they can contact us as well.

Believe in the quality by, seeking a good product. could be the start of new era by foreign trade.

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