Shelley Mentor talks branding for brilliance with Brooke Shields

Shelley Mentor is one of South Africa’s leading business accelerator coaches. She recently interviewed Brooke Shields in Los Angeles, California in front of an audience of over 2500 high level business owners, entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, billionaires, and A-list celebrities at the Mega Success event held annually.

People who know her have described Shelley as focused, driven by achievement, tenacious and insightful. Others say she is completely controversial and many refer her as a dynamic market disruptor.  She herself would proudly agree with all of the above and so much more, she strives to make you uncomfortable with her questioning as it is her firm belief that the more uncomfortable you get about the status of your business the more you will realize that your business needs an intervention to accelerate forward and once you are aware of this, the quicker you will seek to implement change.

Shelley Mentor is the founder and CEO of Mentor Unlimited.  She is a Business Accelerator Coach and Speaker. Her signature talk “Powered by Passion – Fueled by Profit – Driven to Success” is fit for established companies or start-ups business who wants to derive the benefit valuable insight, many business owners and their teams,  across all industries are benefiting from Shelley’s proprietary methodology for Business Acceleration in a new age economy.

Mrs. Mentor was an honored guest who shared the stage with people like Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Vanilla Ice, Jessica Simpson, George Ross, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Jewel, Hugh Hilton of the Hilton hotels and the infamous Doctor Phil to name but a few influential people who also imparted their wealth of knowledge with the audience.

“Brooke is a sensational person. During my chat with her, she validated my thinking that – Time has the ability to equalize every person, regardless of who you are and it is the one thing that people want the most yet use in the worst ways. Brooke shared with me that one of the ways that she makes the most of her day is to be present in every moment, it doesn’t matter what you are doing – be present. I have met many remarkable and powerful woman in my life but never one as truly authentic as her, she is so genuine, so honest and completely transparent which is possibly one of the reasons I connected with her so quickly,” says Shelley.

Mentor Unlimited has specific programs and keynote talks that are designed to accelerate ANY industry or business. Whether it’s navigating your business into the new age economy, branding for brilliance, sealing the deal orscheduling for success.  

“I work with my clients on creating a winning formula and then prepare them for the process of business acceleration.” – Shelley

The market disruptor known as Shelley Mentor is the much anticipated launch of an App that is expected to completely change how companies, business owners and their teams, accelerate their growth and profits.

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