SHEGUANG HU | Fashion Icon of China Has Won His First British Award

Sheguang Hu became the first fashion designer winner of British award “Big Ben”

Sheguang Hu, the ‘Golden Camel’ of the Belt and Road (B&R) prize winner has been named another huge prize: “Big Ben” of United Kingdom. As one of the most recognizable global fashion award, “Big Ben” is aiming at awarding the most outstanding elite, brand or institution from all type industries. “Big Ben” winners like Sheguang Hu, contributes a lot not only to his own industry but to the whole human society and even our next generation.

As one of the most expected show during the past London Fashion Week, SHEGUANG HU’s “Silk Road | The Nation” took place at one of the most famous museums: Natural History Museum of London. This perfectly fits the Chinese new “Belt and Road (B&R)” diplomatic strategy, which aims at rebuilding the Silk Road and its splendid culture after thousands of years, connecting East and West. During the show, you can find not only elites from fashion, movie and singing industry but also ambassadors and counselors from different nations. Top model, superstars, nation represents and tons of other elites enjoyed an amazing fashion show that perfectly combined national icon and global trends.

Local time at 1:30 pm on November 7, 2017, at the China International Fashion Week, Hu continued this wonderful experience to the first workshop of 798 Art Park in Beijing with his Alice in Wonderland – Sheguang Hu 2018 SS Couture Show. In this collection, Hu turned his vision to children, adding Haute Couture design specifically for children. In order to fit this theme, the entire show is both fantastic and warm with 30 lovely child models, all guests can share the happiness with the kids. The extraordinary show has been supported by so many pals of Hu, including well-known hair and make-up team- Hu Jing Studio, C Cubic Youth Culture Creative Park, StageOne, M·Y·D Glasses, JC Glasses, FAN`ER Glasses, DM Glasses, Ningbo Weiyi Plus Co. Faux Fur, Sheppartone Lip Balm, Dethick House Accessory, Suzhou Dennis Wedding Dress, and Netherlands Embassy in China.

During the same day of November 7, 2017, at the closing ceremony of Beijing Fashion Week, Hu also officially signed “Chinese-British Music” and became its chief movie and fashion designer. In addition, Sa Dingding, the international musician who is the director of “Chinese-British Music” will further cooperate with Hu Sheguang’s further development on the international platform. These two famous artists world-renowned, formally joined hands and will undoubtedly become one of the highlights of the industry during the event.

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The ‘Big Ben’

Has been existing for several decades, it was the first time that the ‘Big Ben’ prize has been given to a fashion designer. This could be Sheguang Hu’s milestone prize out of all the prizes that he has ever obtained; it’s unique and precious. The reason why ‘Big Ben’ chooses Sheguang Hu and his brand is that of his years of hard working to make people understand China and Chinese fashion better. Sheguang Hu is a belt that connects West and East, China and overseas. The ‘Big Ben’ is a non-profit prize, together with the winner, they donate all the revenue raises from the prize to charity.


Left his hometown China when he was only 16, Sheguang Hu attended Amsterdam School of Art, where he showed his amazing talents in art and design. He became famous very quick in Netherland; top fashion brands invited him to create his own line, and even the Queen of Netherland nominated he to be the designer of her birthday party. Sheguang Hu’s design has no boundary, it’s cloud that can change, better and modify whenever it’s needed.

However, in the year of 2012, while everyone in Netherland thought Sheguang Hu was at his peak, Sheguang Hu unexpected announced that he will go back to where he grew up: China.

It has been such a long time that he has been away from his most familiar nation, and it made him homesick. He wants to see, smell and touch his motherland as well as its splendid culture again and he believes he can make a huge difference with them! There are so many inspirations that Sheguang Hu can find in Chinese culture that made him even more creative.

And, 4 years after Sheguang Hu’s return, he showed China as well as the world who he is. After 4 years and 6 high-end fashion show, everyone remembers his name, his talents, and his extraordinary fashion style. In one of his show, all the models wear patient gowns and fake human organs, together with sad music that break most of the audience into tears; this show was huge success and made people think twice about illness and those people fighting with them. Sheguang Hu never getting tired of mixing Chinese icon with Western elements in his design. 

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