Sheepdog is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout\’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors

“\”Sheepdog was designed for the proactive individual seeking to tackle their everyday tasks\”.
rn- Dr. Nicholas Puccio (Sheepdog Co-Founder)”
Sheepdog is a Great Tasting, Enhanced Beverage Created By A Doctor and a Law Enforcement Officer, for Hard Working Individuals.

Great tasting, enhanced beverages created for First Responders, Law Enforcement and individuals who seize the day and live life to the fullest.

Columbus, NJ – 3 Jan, 2018 – Sheepdog is a new “Enhanced Beverage” designed to taste great and provide an alternative energy source, focusing on maximizing cognitive performance, as well as maximizing heart & muscle function without the harsh side effects of extreme stimulants.

“Sheepdog was designed for the proactive individual seeking to tackle their everyday tasks.”
– Dr. Nicholas Puccio (Sheepdog Co-Founder)

Sheepdog was founded by Dr. Nicholas Puccio, who started Nexxt Level Nutrition, a sports nutrition company for fitness enthusiasts, who’s presence grew rapidly to over 650 stores in the US and has expanded to 12 countries. Dr. Puccio partnered with Kevin Endicott, who is a NJ Law Enforcement officer with 9 years of experience serving as Special Operations, Field Training Officer, Certified Academy Instructor & more.

“Energy Beverages/Enhanced Water are heavily consumed by Law Enforcement & Corrections Officers, due to their need for endurance/energy for shift work and to perform their various duties.”
– Kevin Endicott (Sheepdog Co-Founder)

Sheepdog has accrued a large following of Police Officers who immediately became advocates for the product. We are calling Sheepdog the “Official Drink of Law Enforcement”. With product placement to dozens of Nutrition stores already secured, Sheepdog is quickly garnering mainstream appeal with several well established retail locations such as 7-Eleven, Snappy’s Convenience stores, Gold’s Gym, Retro Fitness, and many more. Sheepdog most recently entered into a partnership with Mr. Checkout Distributors. Co-Founder Dr. Nicholas Puccio states “Sheepdog is extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to work along side Mr. Checkout Distributors and confident that their reputation of integrity and outstanding service will help elevate Sheepdog to new levels of popularity and success.” Sheepdog has mass market appeal due to the great taste, health benefits and provides a great alternative for anyone who works long hours and endures tenuous activity.

Sheepdog is a non carbonated beverage and is available in two great flavors, Strawberry Kiwi and Iced Tea, which are unique to the “energy drink/enhanced beverage” category. Sheepdog harnesses the power of Nootropics to unlock cognitive and muscle potential, combines l-tyrosine, 

l-theanine, & choline bitartrate with energizing effects of l-arginine, green coffee bean, guarantee & B vitamins.

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