Shaun Chadwick Discusses How He Measures Success In Exclusive New Interview

Leicester, UK – June 19, 2023 – Shaun Chadwick is an experienced business professional and a recognized name in the healthcare landscape. Having held several leadership positions throughout his impressive career, Shaun utilizes his knowledge and expertise to provide innovative solutions for general practitioners across the UK. After completing his post-secondary education, Shaun pursued an opportunity as a professional practice manager before embarking on his own entrepreneurial adventure. In 2020 Shaun launched a medical center and assumed the role of Senior Executive Partner. This experience prepared him for his current role as the Managing Director of General Practice Solutions – a United Kingdom-based support network for healthcare practices. 

In a recently posted online interview, Shaun takes the time to provide insight into his daily role in the medical field. When asked how he remains productive he mentions the importance of maintaining an open mind. “In my opinion, one of the main keys to being productive is going into all situations with an open mind. Upon accepting a client, we take a detailed look at all the issues they’re facing. We rate all the areas of each practice that require improvement and use our expertise to determine the best solution to fulfill their needs. If the issue is something clinical, we’ll bring in a clinical member of staff who’s an expert within that particular field and then be able to direct action with that clinical skill set. Whereas if it’s a managerial, finance, or law issue, we can provide the experts who are best tailored towards those areas. Our success is built on the ability to keep ourselves productive while delivering expert service.”

Shaun also states that his approach to business is focused primarily on client satisfaction. He claims that he and his team are able to deliver premium services while still maintaining a profit. Despite his ongoing passion for his role, he claims that to him, success is also establishing a healthy work-life balance. 

“I personally measure success by judging whether or not the business is delivering high-quality service to our clients, and whether or not our clients are satisfied. I also believe in the importance of having a work/home life balance, so that’s a major factor, too. In the past, I’ve run my own general practitioner surgery as senior partner, and when I did, I was working all day and all night, seven days a week. Whereas now, I measure my success by having a solid balance in my life. I’m no longer forced to miss family members’ birthdays and key other milestones, such as weddings and other important occasions due to being overworked.”

Shaun attributes much of his success to his upstanding team of professionals. By delegating tasks and collaborating on a daily basis, he is able to achieve a high-quality life while also pursuing his professional role.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about Shaun Chadwick is encouraged to read his full interview here. 

About Shaun Chadwick:

Shaun Chadwick is the Managing Director of General Practice Solutions, a United Kingdom-based support network for healthcare practices. The company is considered a one-stop shop for the requirements of British general medical practices, providing human resource services, managerial services, financial services, law services, as well as support for clinical matters.

By the time he was in his middle teens, Shaun Chadwick knew he wanted to spend his life helping others. Early on, this manifested itself in Shaun publishing a newsletter for elderly and isolated community members when he was 14 years old, and creating a conservation group with the aim of restoring a derelict park in his neighbourhood when he was 15 years old.

At the age of 18, he decided to further pursue his passion for helping others by enrolling in a program of Nursing Studies at De Montfort University. There, he excelled in his studies while simultaneously completing a clinical placement in palliative care. Later, after discovering he had an innate talent for business and administrative work, he transferred to a program of Healthcare and Business Management. After finishing his education, Shaun wasted no time in establishing himself in his chosen field. By the age of 23, he had already become a Practice Manager, gaining recognition across the local health economy, and receiving offers of employment from several organizations. In 2015, Shaun Chadwick became a Specialist Advisor for the Care Quality Commission and assisted in more than 350 primary medical service inspections. In early 2020, he bought his own medical center and assumed the role of Managing Director, which is the position he holds presently.

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