SharpLight Technologies provides breakthrough innovation that offers painless, permanent tattoo removal

The growing number of people seeking tattoo removal has spawned an increase in the number of tattoo removal clinics across Canada and therefore a growing demand for new technology to remove these tattoos in a quick, easy and pain-free manner. To fulfill this need, SharpLight Technologies has entered the market, introducing their OmniMax S4, OmniMax S3 and RapidQS Tattoo Removal machines. This innovative equipment is changing the face of tattoo removal and is making once permanent decisions and mistakes a thing of the past.

The SharpLight Tattoo Removal System will offer clients:

  • Customizable tattoo removal settings that can be adapted based on the size and color of the patient’s tattoo.
  • Easy to use equipment.
  • A process for tattoo removal that is safe and non-invasive. It is pain-free and does not require topical anesthetic to be applied prior to treatment.
  • Fast results, visible after the first treatment. Total treatment time depends on the size of the tattoo being treated but usually only a few sessions are required.
  • Patient’s do not require any recovery time and can resume normal, daily activities immediately after treatment.
  • High satisfaction rate among patients.

How does the SharpLight tattoo removal technology work?

Through the use of pulsed-light laser technology, precise beams of light are targeted at the tattoo and safely pass through the outer layer of the skin. This light is then absorbed by the ink of the tattoo where it is converted into heat and breaks down and decomposes the ink into much smaller particles. These particles are carried away by the body’s lymphatic system where they are naturally filtered out and eliminated from the body, over the course of a few weeks’ time.

SharpLight Equipment

SharpLight offers three main pieces of equipment that provide tattoo removal technologies to their clients:

  • OmniMax S4
  • OmniMax S3
  • Rapid QS

This equipment is sleek in its design, compact for easy storage in a clinical setting and easy to use. It also combines other aesthetic technology, for an all-in-one approach. This eliminates the need for multiple pieces of equipment and offers a space saving solution to a common problem seen in many cluttered med-aesthetic clinics.

About SharpLight

SharpLight is a leader in med-aesthetic technology development that provides laser and light beam aesthetic treatment options to the Canadian marketplace. Their research and development team is located in Israel with their head office and customer service department located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada.  They offer innovative solutions to cosmetic and med-aesthetic problems such as hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatments, cellulite reduction, fat reduction and now permanent tattoo removal. Their primary goal is to provide the newest and most innovative advancements in the industry, while ensuring safe and effective treatment options to their clients.

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