Has Announced the Global Launch of Its Peer-to-Peer Parcel Delivery Service is a modern peer-to-peer parcel delivery service that aims to connect users from all over the world.

December 12, 2022 – Hong Kong – Sharetheload is excited to announce the official global launch of its brand-new peer-to-peer parcel delivery service. Sharetheload is a unique online platform that connects users from all over the world and allows them to make money and make friends in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. It is also a novel method of sending packages.

Sharetheload’s creators claim that “Travelers are always looking for ways to supplement their income, and peer-to-peer delivery is an excellent option. Peer-to-peer delivery is a new way of shipping packages that has the potential to change the way we live, and we are thrilled to be at the forefront of this revolutionary movement at Sharetheload.”

Sharetheload uses innovative technology to ensure a harmonious connection between people who trust and like each other. They have devised a straightforward three-step procedure for getting started.

Step one is their easy login process for anyone wishing to use the service. Step two is getting verified. Their onboarding process is simple because every user is screened before being verified in the system, and they use innovative facial recognition and authentication. Step three is filling in the parcel details. By filling out the parcel details, users can verify the contents of the parcel with documents and pop-up screens to ensure that the parcel has not been tampered with, modified, or otherwise altered.

The Sharetheload team has considered several factors that contribute to this being an excellent method of shipping. The service is secure, supports escrow, provides real-time GPS tracking, and operates in multiple currencies worldwide. Furthermore, the platform is loaded with features such as, to name a few

  • Identity Verified user base

  • 24-hour customer support

  • Multiple checks to ensure safe and secure platform

  • Communicating and making friends in a global, ever-changing environment

  • The opportunity to make money

  • Ensure payment of funds are not released until parcel is delivered

With the launch of Sharetheload, the user-friendly service not only provides a one-of-a-kind method of shipping packages, but it also pioneers a novel method of bringing people together and connecting users from all over the world.

About, based in Hong Kong, is a trailblazing online service for peer-to-peer parcel delivery. The innovative platform is safe, escrow-supported, and offers live GPS parcel tracking worldwide. Sharetheload envisions a world in which users can interact with one another while also making money, having freedom, and having fun.

Look further to a post launch webinar on Saturday 17th of December, 2022 by 7:00- 8:00 am AES To learn more about or to arrange an interview for an article, please contact

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