Shared Universe Foundation: Giving a family of elephants a new home

It can be complicated enough translocating a family of people; try a family of elephants!

September 5, 2016
Limpopo, South Africa

After many months of preparation and coordination the moment is finally at hand.

The family of elephants comes from a reserve that is over populated with elephants, and no longer has the necessary space for them to roam free.

Their rescuers, Shared Universe Foundation (SUF) and Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. (SUV) have carefully orchestrated all the necessary prerequisites to obtain the herd of eight elephants towards the end of September. Their new residence at the Mapesu Private Game Reserve, in northern Limpopo, is the perfect location for them to settle into their natural habitat.

The issue of space is not a new one. And while there is a significant decline in the population of African elephants due to poaching, their greatest issue is the loss and fragmentation of habitat due to encroachment by humans.

Quinten Knipping, Shared Universe Ventures Ltd. Board Member and active conservationist says, “Although, this is a great step towards rescuing one herd of elephants, the true work comes from the application and arrangement of The Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA), which is a trans-frontier park that is working in line with governments and stakeholders to jointly remove fencing so as to leave a large boundary-free zone for animals to roam. From our side we are very happy to put in the effort and resources, but unless governments and other parties get involved, the issue of fragmentation of lands and the inability for animals to range freely will continue to be a major concern.”

Until the GMTFCA is in place, Mapesu Private Game Reserve is reliant on other measures to ensure the safety of the elephants. Items such as upgrading and electrifying the fencing (36kms), installing cameras and creating an anti-poaching unit has been time consuming and costly.

Shared Universe Foundation hopes people will want to contribute to the worthwhile rescue as well as support them in one of their many efforts in research, education, and conservation of biodiversity.

Shared Universe Foundation Trustee Toine Knipping states, “People and companies want to be active and participate but simply don’t know how. And although these are wild animals, we are going to allow names to be given for USD 5,000 each. The donation will help in their protection and allows further resources to be utilized. A plaque will be made at the Mopane Bush Lodge to commemorate the donation and the name given. Anyone interested can contact us for more information as well as learn about other opportunities to get involved.”

The four star luxury accommodation at Mopane Bush Lodge, located inside the Mapesu Private Game Reserve will provide special offers during the week of the release including a traditional South African lunch and special game drive for viewing of the new family on September 28th with 10% of the earnings given towards the promotion and awareness of animal conservation. Space is limited so booking promptly is imperative.

For more information on the translocation of the family of elephants, other projects or questions on reservations please contact Mopane Bush Lodge.

Translocation date September 27-28th at Mapesu Game Reserve, northern Limpopo, South Africa.


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