Shared Universe Foundation Announces Urgent $170,000 Dollar Fundraising Race to Stop Culling of Family of 5 South African Elephants on April 30th 2016

Limpopo, South Africa – 4th April, 2016 – The South African registered charitable trust “Shared Universe Foundation” (157-334 NPO) (the “Foundation”) has today launched a donations drive in an effort to raise enough funds to save the lives of a family of 5 elephants scheduled to be culled at the end of next month.

The 5 noble creatures currently live in a private reserve that can no longer support this family. Shared Universe Foundation, working on the ground in South Africa since May 2015, can adopt these elephants for free once it’s in a position to pay $170,000 dollars for transportation and fencing. At present, the animals are situated approximately 100 kilometers away from the Foundation’s reserve in Limpopo, South Africa.

Shared Universe Foundation’s Executive Trustee and conservationist, Toine Knipping said, “We’ve been informed that unless $170,000 dollars can be raised to cover the massive expenses involved in the relocation and containment of these Big 5 game – the elephants will die. This is unacceptable. The Foundation is determined to save all 5 elephants from being killed at the end of April (2016). This is why the race to save the 5 is underway and we are leading this worthwhile campaign.”

The clock is ticking and time itself is like a poacher. The 30th of April 2016 is a deadline in the most literal sense of the word: if the funds are not raised in time, this family of elephants is destined for a most certain death by culling. The Foundation is completely transparent on the money required: US$30,000 for transportation for the 5 animals and US$140,000 to fence 37 kilometers of land to required standards to keep the elephants safe.

In July 2016, it’ll be one year since the world lost the magnificent Cecil the lion. The death of the beloved 13-year-old southwest African lion, monitored by The University of Oxford, made global headlines following his premature death in Zimbabwe last summer. It’s too late for Cecil. Nobody wants this family of 5 elephants to be added to a list of deceased Big 5 game.

Finally, Toine Knipping added that, “At the core of the Foundation is a genuinely deep desire to educate, protect, adopt and enable the survival of critically endangered wildlife and Big 5 game. This is an emotional time for Shared Universe Foundation because if we fail in our donations bid – these animals die. This is why we have launched our official appeal through the media today to get our voice out to the world – before it’s too late. Ask us about donor privileges and become a donor today to help save a family of 5 elephants. Thank you.”


In South Africa 1,215 rhinos were poached in 2014 and 1175 for 2015 according to South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2016).

Over 20,000 elephants were killed for ivory in 2015, according to the Convention on the Trade of Endangered Species, which collects the data.

About Shared Universe Foundation:

Shared Universe Foundation was founded on May 31st 2015. It’s a registered charitable trust in South Africa (157-334 NPO).

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