Share Unpleasant Brand Experiences on Yelp Without Harm via Free VPN App

Yelp is an online forum platform where customers and consumers can share experiences regarding a certain brand or establishment. When a company is listed on Yelp, it means that these brands are aware that they could receive some constructive reviews from users.

The platform is very successful when it comes to making people aware of how these brands treat consumers. So, when one has experienced something awful, chances are, that person is going to post on Yelp about the occurrence to alert other customers. With Yelp’s rationale, brands are also becoming apprehensive on how to solve the concerns to serve better.

However, some of the brands take these negative reviews sourly. So, instead of thinking of things to improve the quality of service, what the other brands do is delete these kinds of reviews and find the people behind those comments and have them sued.

There have been several cases of this, that is why plenty of customers and consumers rarely post a review on Yelp anymore. People are afraid that once they have shared an unpleasant experience, they would be the next gambits; as even though users hide through anonymous Yelp accounts, brands have some expert ways to know who post negative remarks that could tear their reputation.

Fortunately, there is a simple method Yelp users can do to continue sharing unpleasant brand experiences on Yelp without getting caught and sued by any brands.

A VPN can help

What a VPN or Virtual Private Network does is create a secure connection between one’s device and the internet. With this, the user’s data will be transported through the VPN’s secret virtual tunnel, making the user’s online information and activities hidden to anyone.

Although, for a guaranteed cybersecurity, users must still be watchful on what type of VPN to download and connect to, as there have been instances that some VPN apps are sketchy and ineffective, especially free VPNs.

But, not everyone is willing to shell out some money for a paid VPN that assures high-quality and premium VPN services.

The good news is, there is a trusted, reliable, and safe free VPN app available in the virtual market that can also give out premium VPN services and features to online users.

Download GoingVPN, a free VPN app that is perfect for Yelp users

Yelp users would not have to worry about being the next gambits of different brands as GoingVPN is here.

With GoingVPN, users cannot be tracked down because this free VPN app has a tight encryption process. Meaning, all the users’ data and activities will be concealed. So, Yelp users can post a constructive criticism or two to spread awareness to other customers and consumers in peace.

Also, this free VPN app provides a max speed technology so that users won’t experience any hassle caused by lags and buffers. This feature is very helpful to users who are connected to a VPN, as naturally, the VPN’s encryption can affect the device’s performance or even the internet’s speed.

Along with these, GoingVPN offers an unlimited data bandwidth that helps users assure an added layer of online safety and privacy. A pro tip: users can leave the GoingVPN switch ‘on’ and let the free VPN app do the work.

Download GoingVPN to safely post and share unpleasant brand experiences on Yelp.

GoingVPN is available on Android and Apple devices.

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