Share online content and contacts through one customizable and editable all time link

Innovative content sharing platform, NumTag, allows internet users – businesses and individuals to get more from their contact and content with easier and more effective content sharing and enhanced engagement of audience

NumTag is an online platform that allows users to share their contacts and content faster and easier to the target audience. The platform does it by helping users to get all their online presence and contacts in one page and consequently sharing it on one link. The unique platform is the first of its kind, that hopes to make it easier for businesses and individuals to use the internet and get more from their online presence.

One of the major problems faced by owners of personal and institutional websites is high bounce rate. This basically means that most visitors to the website do not go past the first page. Consequently, owners of these sites are not able to engage their target audience effectively. This simply means that their online presence is unfruitful. Numtag hopes to solve the problem of big bounce rates in bios and costs to update. It gives the viewers the opportunity to choose the page that fits their preferences in their preferred format, with their preferred links.

The online platform is particularly designed for businesses and individuals that find it difficult to reach their target audience online. NumTag is also designed to help internet users retain the engagement of their posts for a long while or even timelessly with users’ links displayed as a static playlist. NumTag also helps users to solve the problem of including all their social media networks’ links in their communication.

Basically, NumTag works as a link that aggregates several other links (example: By being so open to your needs, Numtag is also a solution to the problem of losing links in conversations between friends. An example will be having a date with friends, with nobody actually knowing nothing about the venue. NumTag allows for the creation of a single link with places to park the car, to dinner, to pea, possibilities to go clubbing or something else in a unique link instead of being lost in feeds.

The advantages of such a unique platform cannot be overemphasized. It helps users to enhance customer engagement, consequently increasing their satisfaction. This is due to an enhanced personalized content consumption of user’s profile.

The platform is easy to navigate and flexible to use, allowing users to choose what they want and how they want to do it. The target audience in this case, followers, clients and subscribers can also choose what they want to view in seconds.

NumTag creates an easier way to connect with others; ensuring better results are gotten, with a user-friendly interface. NumTag can be described as the content sharing revolution for internet users that want to get the best from their content.

More information about NumTag and how users can enjoy the amazing features and benefits can be found on the website.

About NumTag

NumTag is an online platform designed to solve the common problems faced by internet users trying to increase their reach and the effectiveness of their online content. NumTag allows users to share their contacts and content with a single link, saving them the time and cost required to post and share individual links manually.

NumTag is not only designed to allow users to share content easily, consequently more effective reach. The platform also comes with benefits for the target audience, as it allows them to easily choose their preferred content and click on it to view it.

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