Shanghai Yongming polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors protect IDC servers

IDC servers have become the biggest driving force for the development of the big data industry.

At present, cloud computing has become the biggest driving force for the development of the global IDC industry. Data shows that the global IDC server market is generally growing steadily.

1、What is IDC server immersion liquid cooling?

In the context of “dual carbon”, the current heat dissipation problems caused by the high heat generation of servers have become the bottleneck of server operation. Many IT companies have strengthened the research and development of liquid cooling in data centers. The current mainstream liquid cooling technology paths include cold plate liquid cooling, spray liquid cooling, and immersion liquid cooling. Among them, immersion liquid cooling is favored by the market for its high energy efficiency, high density, high reliability and other characteristics.

IDC servers need to completely immerse the server body and power supply in the coolant for direct cooling. The coolant does not undergo phase change during the heat dissipation process, and forms a closed heat conduction loop through the cooling circulation system.

2、Recommended selection of capacitors in server power supplies

Immersion liquid cooling has extremely high requirements on components, because the server power supply is in liquid for a long time, which can easily cause the rubber plug of the capacitor to swell and bulge, affecting the capacitance capacity, parameter degradation, and shortened life.

3、Shanghai Yongming Capacitor protects IDC servers

Shanghai Yongming Electronics’ polymer solid aluminum electrolytic capacitors have the characteristics of ultra-low ESR, strong ripple current resistance, long life, large capacity, high density, and miniaturization. It also uses rubber plugs made of special materials to solve problems such as swelling, bulging, and capacity changes of capacitors in immersed servers. It provides a strong guarantee for the operation of the IDC server.

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