Set in Soul to Launch Next Series of Self-Care Affirmation Journals for Women

“These self-affirmation journals were created for individuals working on themselves and to ultimately make any dream they have a reality!”
Author Tatiana Jerome is an inspiration for women with goals they want to achieve in life and are willing to take the steps to get to their ideal self.

April 2, 2018 – Set in Soul, the series of self-help and motivation products that has helped thousands of women attain to their ‘ideal self’ and achieve personal goals, will soon launch its next series of new affirmation journals to be released in April. The journals will focus on self-care, owning the present moment, level up and renew one’s life, and will have a special journal dedicated to motherhood.

Founded by author, educator, wellness expert, and entrepreneur Tatiana Jerome, Set in Soul is a series of affirmation journals, beauty products, pens and other products that aim at self-reflection, and the brand has sold over 20,000 products across the world.

When priority is set on self-care, the human soul comes alive. This foundational principle lies at the base of Set in Soul, which is motivating women to level up and achieve their goals, become the best physical, emotional, career-related or spiritual individual they can be. The initiative has seen massive success since its launch on online platforms, with 500K+ social media followers, 800K+ brand ambassador influence and over 100K+ online impressions.

Set in Soul tells women to own their present moment to achieve the next level of betterment. A focus on self-care enables us to keep track of our holistic health, in body, mind, and spirit. Other elements of the suite include self-appreciation for who we are today and how to reposition for the future self, embracing our fears by discussing the truth in breakthroughs and miracles, and advice for relationships and couple accountability during dating stages.

“When you can find your voice, embrace your fears and trust in the love that the soul provides, you are brought closer to your purpose,” says Tatiana, CEO, Set in Soul.

Tatiana is an inspiration for many women around the world who want to achieve their goals and purpose in life. She is the author of “Love Lost, Love Found: A Woman’s Guide to Letting Go Of The Past & Finding New Love”, and her self-affirmation journals are meant for everyone who is working on themselves to bring their dreams to fruition. Tatiana helps people to learn and know their worth, vibrate higher with daily conversations with God, and heal themselves piece by piece. The affirmation journals are her unique initiative for women to embrace their journey through life as sacred and learn about personal growth, entrepreneurship, leadership, self-care and appreciation, and empowerment to reach one’s highest capability.

For more information, please visit: | IG: @setinsoul | FB: @iamtatianajerome

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