will start offering Instant Dedicated Servers will start offering Instant Dedicated Servers


At, we look out for and aim for our customer’s best interests, doing so, we are announcing Instant Servers. This feature is currently in the makings within our team. This feature will allow you to access (and use) the server you ordered set up within minutes of ordering. This will not only set many more possibilities but will also let you achieve what you want, more efficiently and quicker.

We know, with the makings of Instant Servers, the problem of waiting for what you ordered will be no longer. This feature will not be an extra cost to your orders. Because at Server Cheap, we feel it is our responsibility for our customer’s to have the best experience whilst working with us.

We are located in Dallas TX

Our servers are reliable and affordable. We provide IaaS as well with 1 Gbps Port speed. This connects our servers at port speeds of 1 Gbps allowing you to work efficiently and steadily.

Given our servers being located in Dallas TX we are able to minimize latency within the United States as much as possible. We also provide Protected Servers using DDoS (Distributed denial of service), most of them having 10Gbps DDoS protection. At ServerCheap, we also fully own our infrastructure, letting us pass the benefits to our customers.

Most of our servers come with dedicated IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) which directly allows you to access your dedicated server 24/7.

Our promise to You

Here at, our goal is to be as helpful and efficient as we can for our customers. In the makings of our feature, Instant Servers, we are a step closer to our goal, of reliable servers, and looking out for our Customer’s because we care.

What we stand for:

Clients purchase cheap and affordable dedicated servers from us with many servers in stock. In today’s day and age where it is essential to maintain an internet presence, we believe that cost should not be a deciding factor. While keeping cost low we continue to provide reliable servers.

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