Serac Hammocks Announces a Massive Sale

New York – September 22nd, 2017 – Relaxation has never been more affordable. Serac is having a massive sale on their Classic Portable Singles Camping Hammock with a suspension system. The Hammock will go on sale for six hours on September 24, 2017 on Amazon at, starting at 9:40 am PDT and ending at 3:40 pm PDT. It will have a whopping 75% off sale tag taking it from $99.95 to $24.88.

The hammock is durable, efficient and the quality is excellent. This hammock was made specifically for people who are adventurous and enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, etc. The aim was to make it easy to use so that it is why it was made with clips and an adjustable strap. The hammock is also tree hugger friendly as it was designed with wide polyester webbing to protect the tree trunks from which you’ll hang the hammock. 

Customers have been raving about the Serac Classic Hammock and are truly pleased they had invested in one.

Lindsay who has been using the hammock for over a year says “Love this hammock! I’ve been using it for over a year and so far, it’s held up great. It packs easily into the attached pocket pouch and is lightweight enough to throw in a daypack and not realize it’s there. It’s really nice that it comes with tree-friendly straps & biners so you don’t have to spend extra money investing in those too”.

When ordered the package comes with the hammock, heavy duty tree straps, carbon steel snag-less carabiners and a travelling sack. It is 9ft x 4ft 5”, made of silky parachute nylon and the recommended weight capacity is 400 lbs. It is available in ten different bright and colorful shades with all of them being mixtures such as iceberg blue/grey, golden state yellow/blue, irie red/yellow/green/, forest stream blue/green and more.

So keep an eye out for the massive sale on September 24 and if you don’t want to wait till then get it today at

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