SEO For Addiction Treatment Centers: How Digital Marketing Is Changing The Detox And Rehab Marketing Landscape

“SEO And Digital Marketing for the addiction treatment industry.”

It doesnt’ take much poking around the web today to know that addiction is still an issue. Celebrities, athletes, musicians, rich, middle class and poor. They can all become addicts.

Mental Health is the umbrella under which most medical experts like to classify addiction. As a society we have lost so many people, known and unknown due to addiction, Chris Farley, Amy Winehouse, John Belushi and many more. What are we as a culture doing to help prevent addiction and to prevent uncecessary losses like this?

Enter addiction treatment centers. Addiction treatment centers range from detox, to rehab centers. Some specialize in in patient, some in outpatient.

One thing that “Good” addiction centers need to know about, is that there are “Bad” centers out there who are competing with you for patients who truly need your help. See this article about some of the seedier practices. Another practice which is highly illegal is patient brokering.

Centers that are focused on providing high quality patient care really need to “get out there” and put their center out front where people who need their help can find them.

Centers can engage in:

Content Marketing & SEO- blogging, answering questions and providing content that solves people’s search intent is a great way to get more leads from Google Organic Search.

Facebook- Facebook has so much data on your target audience it will make your head spin. Target the right audience, adjust your offer and you can win in a major way.

Google Map Rankings- Have you set up your Google My business listing? Watch this video if you have not set up your GMB:

Video Link: YouTube

It’s in the best interest of society if the high quality, ethical centers get the patients. So do everything you can to make sure your center is able to help as many people as possible.

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