Sentient Brands’ Stock Skyrockets 347% As Investors Focus On Oeuvre’s Ability To Penetrate A $115 Billion Luxury Skincare Market ($SNBH)

Sentient Brands' Stock Skyrockets 347% As Investors Focus On Oeuvre's Ability To Penetrate A $115 Billion Luxury Skincare Market ($SNBH)

Sentient Brands’ (OTC Pink: SNBH, $SNBH) stock was red-hot on Friday, jumping by more than 347% intraday before closing the day higher by 87% on 4X its average volume. Still, despite the gain, there is considerable untapped value to claim. And for investors acting sooner than later, rewards, similar to those earned on Friday, may be in the near-term queue. 

Why? Because Sentient Brands’ Oeuvre CBD and gemstone-infused luxury skincare products continue to penetrate a massive $115 billion luxury skincare market with innovative CBD and gemstone-infused products that do more than target the entire sector opportunity; they also focus on a more specialized $3.4 billion niche opportunity that could have a more immediate revenue-generating impact. Still, both markets, whichever hit first, could send revenues soaring. 

In fact, additional traction generated from a management team that knows how to get the right products into the right channels at the right time could transform SNBH into a revenue-generating juggernaut. And with Sentient Brands arguably in its best operating position ever to make that happen, the current rally may be a precursor of more to come.  

Other reasons support that bullish proposition.

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Luxury Skincare Brands Want More

Foremost, it isn’t just their top-of-the-line skincare products driving the investment opportunity; Sentient Brands is benefitting from a beauty industry that has increasingly focused on acquisitions and consolidation. Sector giants such as L’Oréal ($OR.PA), Estée Lauder ($EL), and Procter & Gamble ($PG) have been snatching up niche assets that can add accretive revenues and provide an expedited pathway to the markets. That’s, of course, potentially excellent news for SNBH, noting that its Oeuvre line is showing an ability to create a potentially new market segment by utilizing properties unique to current formulations. Specifically, its combined CBD and gemstone properties are a differentiator appealing to consumers. And more than effective, the Oeuvre line is manufactured with socially-conscious principles. Thus, if any of SNBH’s assets are in an acquirer’s crosshairs, they indeed get a respected and running start in the markets.

Remember, too, Sentient Brands has a management team that understands how to effectively bring new products to market. Hugo Boss, Victoria’s Secret, Versace, and Bath & Body Works are just a few of the world-class brands the team has helped develop and market products. They combine to bring a level of experience that can’t be underappreciated. Moreover, connections made over the years, especially those that capitalize on the ones made by brand development expert George Furlan, CEO of Sentient Brands, make SNBH ideally positioned to increase shareholder value sooner than later. His experience alone is top-tier.

Furlan previously provided creative, strategic, and operational support to lifestyle companies such as Fleur du Mal, Raleigh Denim Post-Imperial, and Tommy Hilfiger. While excellent for them at the time, the better news is that he is now dedicated to driving SNBH’s shareholder value higher by commercializing its own innovative product lines. Knowing that industry experience combined with brand power is a formula for success, investors appear to be taking proper notice by catching SNBH shares at undervalued levels. There should be more bullish days to come.

That’s because SNBH is penetrating a multi-billion-dollar market opportunity with a potentially best-in-class product, Oeuvre. Better still, it taps into a CBD-infused beauty product space that continues to grow at least 25% per year. Being unique to the segment could be the value driver to help Oeuvre stand out amongst competitors. 

Being Unique Has Its Advantages

But more than unique, Oeuvre is proving itself as a best-in-class product line that engages audiences already receptive to CBD’s proven effectiveness. Not only that, its most extensive marketing campaign ever intends to introduce the brand to considerably more consumers, which is a program in progress. Thus, more than in the right markets at the right time, SNBH is well-positioned to leverage its first-to-market position to expedite seizing a potential lion’s share of the billions of dollars at stake. 

That could happen faster than many think. Oeuvre’s CBD and gemstone-infused beauty products are inventive and socially conscious, meeting criteria that appeal to its target market and differentiate itself from earlier competitors. Best of all, as it finds its space within a beauty industry in consolidation mode, earning market share could do more than drive revenues higher; it would likely attract interest from potential suitors. Why?

Because the behemoths in the sector hate to lose market share. And when it happens, they tend to respond quickly, which could potentially put SNBH’s Oeuvre into the sights of industry giants like L’Oréal, Estée Lauder, and Procter & Gamble. Noted earlier, these companies are always looking to develop or acquire new brands that can give them a quick advantage in emerging markets. It’s a strategy that makes sense. After all, acquiring successful products mitigates risk, lowers marketing costs, and hurdles many barriers to entry that often squeeze small brands out. It’s the quickest way to take advantage of market opportunities. 

Here’s the better part of that consideration. Sentient Brands’ Oeuvre is creating a new product category, already generating income, and meets socially conscious expectations with environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. That could be why SNBH’s share price and volume have been off to the races in the past three weeks. Investors may very well be positioning ahead of expected news.

Addressing a $500 Million Market Opportunity

Even on its own, SNBH can do well by staying focused on a billion-dollar market proposition in hyper-growth mode. Women in the United States spend an estimated average of $313 per month on beauty products, contributing to the $511 billion worldwide beauty market in 2021. While the market is already massive, it is predicted to grow as high as $716.6 billion within the next three years. So, even if acquisitions were not in the near-term cards, SNBH is still ideally positioned to aggressively attack a market that could exponentially increase revenues.

And with an expected 25% compound annual growth rate in the digitally-focused markets, the revenue-generating opportunities get even better, with the sector possibly offering a trillion-dollar market opportunity by the end of the decade. Thus, those selling into the proper digital channels, like SNBH, may benefit faster than others. Undoubtedly, that’s SNBH’s intent.

The best part is that, as noted, Sentient Brands isn’t reliant on an acquisition deal to produce millions in new income. Leveraging the industry expertise of its management team, maximizing independent revenue-generating prospects is already underway. That, as a result, could drive near-term revenues significantly higher, which typically leads to higher valuations and a considerable increase in shareholder value. Also, higher revenues generally attract competitor interest, making revenue growth a win-win proposition for SNBH and its investors by making potential deals larger on the payments side. 

In addition, the successful marketing of Oeuvre provides a runway to evaluate strategic opportunities. Best of all, either path taken by Oeuvre is a value creator that could fuel an almost exponential rise in share price. In an e-commerce market expected to deliver a CAGR of 27.4%, that proposition is indeed in play. 

Resonating with a Lucrative Demographic

Better still, growth in the luxury market is generally supported by impressive operating margins, which bodes well for SNBH to earn revenues that fall faster to its bottom line. And thanks to Sentient Brands’ ability to develop novel products that resonate with niche markets, design engaging brands, and successfully bring them to market, those dollars could fall sooner than expected. 

Sentient Brands kicked off 2022 with a focused marketing campaign, forming partnerships with popular influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook ($FB), and Pinterest. The campaign was designed to clearly outline the message that Oeuvre is dedicated to creating high-end products entirely through sustainable methods, a practice critical to its targeted demographic.

For example, Oeuvre’s skincare products are free of toxins, irritants, and undesirable additives like sulfates and petroleum. Furthermore, Oeuvre does not utilize animal testing and is produced cruelty-free. They say it themselves…”Sentient Brands’ objective is to go above and beyond industry standards by ethically and responsibly sourcing all of its skincare components to meet the need for environmentally friendly, ethical, and high-quality products.” 

It’s a message that the markets are eager to hear and one that SNBH is delivering. Hence, the share price surge may result from everything in play.

Looking Ahead For A 2022 Breakout 

So, what does the future hold for SNBH and its shareholders? If company guidance is reached or breached, Sentient could enjoy the best yearly performance in its history. And having the team, the products, the marketing message, and the capital to deliver on that presumption make SNBH stock an attractive and compelling consideration.

Know this, too. Sentient Brands has already set the foundation to achieve these gains. Therefore, while 2021 was transformational, 2022 can be the period for SNBH to realize the rewards of its work. And with expected milestones that could turn into catalysts, the business stage is set for Sentient Brands to deliver on its mission to generate substantial shareholder value. 

Indeed, when stocks move sharply absent of news, it’s time to pay attention. That’s happening at SNBH. And with a 347% gain on Friday, paying that attention, and taking subsequent action, may be warranted.


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